A Complete Guide For Buying Used Kayaks | 2023 Edition

Guide for Buying used kayaks

Last updated on June 23, 2023

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Owning your kayak is spectacular because you get the freedom of using it whenever you want; in other words, you have the freedom. However, buying a brand new kayak might be very costly, and I urge you to consider purchasing used kayaks.

How many types of buyers do you know?

Two types of buyers are typically known, namely beginners and veteran or intermediate buyers. You should know the kind of buyer you are before indulging in buying a kayak.

  • Intermediate Buyers-They have a bank of information about kayaks but do not have sufficient budget to buy a new kayak.
  • Beginners-They are not so sure whether to buy a brand new or retain an old one because they do not have a lot of information at hand.

What do you need to check before buying used kayaks? I have listed several considerations to act as a guide for buying used kayaks.

1. Conduct Research:

Depending on the activities you intend to do with your kayak from fishing, touring, and sport. You need to research the type of kayak and the model that perfectly suits your activities. After getting the model that best fits your purpose, check the manufacturer’s data to help determine the net worth of the kayak. I recommend you less than twenty percent depreciation on the cost of the kayak during its first year and ten percent for the preceding years.

2. Locate The Serial Number Of The Used Kayak:

The last two digits of the kayak’s serial number are the vessels year of manufacture. The serial number lies on the rear right-hand side of the kayak. Avoid buying used kayaks that do not have serial numbers because it might be a stolen kayak, and second, you will not know the year of manufacture.

3. Ask For A Demonstration From The Seller:

After identifying a kayak and a seller, ask the seller to make arrangements to meet you and ride with the vessel. Some sellers will not agree, but others will, and this acts as the best avenue to test the kayak before paying for it. Do not be a victim of crook sellers who offer to drop the kayak to your doorstep where they know you cannot test it and may even come to steal it later.

4. Use A Friend:

When attending a kayaking demo, go alongside a friend who is experienced in kayaks to offer another pair of eyes, especially if you are a beginner buyer.

How do you know where to buy used Kayaks?

The following areas will also be a guide to buying used kayaks.

1.Water Sport Festivals:

When looking for the best place to buy kayaks, I encourage you to attend water sporting festivals rich in education and fun. There are booths at these sporting avenues that offer cheap used kayaks for sale and other kayak accessories.

2. Marinas And Sport shops:

Large scale kayak shops may not sell used kayaks, but small scale shops may have cheap used kayaks for sale. Some kayakers who want to sell their used kayaks hang around marinas looking for potential customers to sell their kayaks

3. Kayaking Clubs:

Another place you can quickly get a cheap used kayak for sale is at a kayaking club. Inquire whether there is a member who wishes to dispose of a used kayak to buy a new one. Members of one club are connected to other clubs, and this may help you get a second-hand kayak from other clubs and not necessarily the local club, you know.

4. Buying Online:

You can also visit various websites that offer the best place to buy kayaks. Consider the shipping costs and the other features that you need to check the kayak before buying. Which are some of the sites you can get cheap used kayaks for sale? The following websites can be a guide to buying used kayaks.

How do you perform your inspection before buying used kayaks?

The following list will help you to inspect a used kayak before paying for it:

1. How was the kayak stored?

A used kayak that shows signs of warping at the hull indicates the vessel’s exposure to the sun or some materials were placed on it. Properly stored kayak should not bend, warped kayaks are not useful to buy because their performance is also at a minimum.

2. What are the fittings to check for damage used kayak?

  • Footpegs – These help kayak riders stay firmly on the seat, and any breakages are a reduced value of the kayak.
  • Bolts– Most kayaks parts are attached to the hull using bolts. Corroded bolts may need replacement, which might add to your cost of repair; therefore, you need to reduce the buying price of the used kayak.

Bottom Line:

As I conclude, the price you pay on a second-hand kayak should depend on the market price of a new kayak, condition of the kayak and its accessories, the date of manufacture of the kayak, and the model. If you are considering buying a used kayak, this guide will prove very effective & also the combinations of all these factors of the guide for buying used kayaks should be on your fingertips.

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