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Last updated on September 2, 2022

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Finding Kayak Fishing Buddy

Kayak fishing is pretty fun – if you have someone with you. Fishes don’t take the bait immediately, so it might be better to have a fishing companion that you can talk to while waiting for a good catch. A good drink while talking about the weather or even unusual topics will be perfect. That said, always bring someone with you. Surely, he or she will chase the boredom away.

Yet, not all kayak fishing companions are the same. Some will make you feel comfortable. In contrast, there are also those that you might want to throw out of the kayak as bait. Don’t pick the wrong dude. Do otherwise, and your kayak fishing escapade will be ruined.

Allow me to teach you the art of finding kayak fishing buddy. I’ll talk about where to look for one, his or her ideal qualities, and a lot more.

Who Is The Ideal Kayak Fishing Buddy?

You can’t just pick anyone to go kayak fishing with you. Of course, the person that you have a crush on or your family are exceptions. The same also goes for your friends. However, you should be picky if you’re looking for kayak fishing among strangers. Get a useless guy, and kayak fishing will be agonizing like never before. In contrast, get someone useful, and you’ll find a kayak fishing buddy for life.

My love for kayak fishing exposed me to a lot of fishing buddies. There are happy ones, grumpy ones, grouchy ones, etc. My years of fishing with different types of people allowed me to craft the standards or traits of the ideal kayak fishing buddy. For me, the perfect companion is one who is:

Interested or Passionate About Kayak Fishing

You should go for a kayak fishing buddy who is interested in kayak fishing. He or she doesn’t have to be a seasoned kayak fisher. A beginner or even a person who wants to try kayak fishing for the first time will be great.

The reason for this is simple. A kayak fishing buddy who doesn’t have a lot of experience will allow you to enjoy teaching. As you are waiting for a good catch, you’ll have a lot of time teaching your companion the basics of kayak fishing, the do’s and dont’s, etc.

That said, the relationship goes both ways. Your kayak fishing buddy chases your boredom away by asking you questions about kayak fishing. On the other hand, you get to teach someone the joy of catching fish and riding kayak at the same time.


A kayak fishing buddy who’s crafty is great. A resourceful companion will be useful for emergencies. For example, he or she can fix your fishing rods, make minor repairs on the kayak before heading out, or teach you different ways to catch fish aside from angling. Bring someone crafty because you will learn a lot of things from him or her.

Knows A Lot About Kayak Fishing

If you’re a beginner, you should go for a person who has a lot of experience with kayak fishing. A seasoned kayak fisher will teach about the different types of baits, ideal locations for catching fish, body positioning, how to use the fishing rod efficiently, and many more. Most experienced kayak fishers don’t ask for money. Nevertheless, they appreciate a free can of beer and a sumptuous meal.

Lives Nearby

I don’t recommend you to go with a kayak fishing buddy who lives far away. A kayak fishing buddy who’s near is preferable because it’s easier to for you to hook with him or her.

However, there is an exception to this. A kayak fishing who’s far away is excellent, so long as he or she is living on the fishing location that you’re about to visit. It’s because he or she can give you first-hand information about what you should prepare for before coming.

Where To Look For Kayak Fishing Buddy

Here are some of the strategies that you can use for finding kayak fishing buddy with ease

Use Social Websites

Social media websites are like large pubs. They gather a lot of people according to interest, age, location, and gender. An example of a useful social media website is Facebook. On Facebook, there are lots of kayak fishing groups where you can find the ideal companion.

Head To Online Forums

Online forums are also as high as social media websites. However, the thing with them is that they’re more exclusive. Still, online forums are high because this is where seasoned kayak fishers are found. An online forum that you might want to try is It’s an online forum that won’t only help you find a kayak fishing buddy but also give you the latest news, trends, and practices in kayak fishing.

Join Kayak Fishing Clubs

There are a lot of kayak fishing clubs nowadays. So I’m pretty sure that there’s a kayak fishing club near you right now. Some kayak fishing clubs have their establishments. Others gather at pubs and cafes. Joining a kayak fishing club will allow you to meet people who are more than happy to go kayak fishing with you.

So how do you find a kayak fishing club? Simple, just ask the kayak store near you or use google maps to pinpoint their location with your phone.

Wing It

If the abovementioned strategies don’t work, then I suggest that you wing it. Head out to go kayak fishing, but don’t forget to bring extra gears such as extra rods, an inflatable fishing kayak (2 people), additional baits, plus food and drinks, etc. You’ll likely find a kayak fishing buddy upon arriving in the fishing location that you’re about to visit.

To find one, just look for a bored kayaker among the crowd and ask him or her to come with you.


You’ll enjoy kayak fishing more if you have a kayak fishing buddy. It’s better to ride the kayak and catch fish if you have someone to talk to, teach a few things that you know, share drinks, and share food. If kayak fishing is starting to become boring, all that you might need is a companion that will spark the flames of passion once again. So don’t worry, your love for kayak fishing isn’t gone.

To conclude, here are some of the things that you should do if you’re kayak fishing with someone:

  • avoid being bossy
  • avoid talking about yourself
  • entertain questions
  • share baits, food, and drinks
  • don’t be a showoff
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