How Dangerous is Kayaking? 7 Real Kayak Dangers & How To Avoid Them

how dangerous is kayaking

Last updated on September 2, 2022

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Kayaking is an entertaining game. However, there are many risks involved. Most people are aware of its fun but not aware of its danger. You have to know the risks before learning to kayak. After that, the knowledge makes your kayaking journey more beautiful and smooth.

Moreover, many people get injured while kayaking. Kayaking in the sea or river is not easy work. First, you have to know how dangerous is kayaking.

In this article, I will discuss it. If you want to learn, read this article attentively. After that, you can avoid this danger. So, let’s dive into our journey. 

Real Risk vs. Perceived Risk in Kayaking

Control over kayaks reduces the risk of kayaking. However, the risk remains. There are some differences between actual risk and perceived risk in kayaking.

The perceived risk means how dangerous it seems. In other words, this risk is when you can understand a situation in advance. However, perception is measurable. Since such a risk is measurable, you can take precautions against it in advance if you want.

The real risk means the danger often happens. However, you don’t have to do much for such a threat. Because these happen without prior preparation. Besides, it is possible to avoid these if you want. So, you can also stay safe in this situation. But you have to be well prepared for this.

What Are The Dangers Of Kayaking?

There are many dangers of kayaking. You have to know the risks of it. After that, you can be aware of this situation and take protection. So, let’s understand how dangerous is kayaking:

1. Drowning

Drowning is one of the common dangers of kayaking. Unfortunately, many people get in trouble because of this danger. Because it is not easy to swim in the water or kayak in the water. 

Every year many people drown in the water while kayaking. Because they don’t know how to swim. And also, they don’t have proper knowledge of controlling the kayak. That’s why drowning is a common accident in kayaking.

2. Hypothermia

Hypothermia is a hazardous problem in kayaking. Many people face this problem. Due to a long time in contact with water, the body temperature decreases. Sometimes the body temperature also drops abnormally.

Moreover, this is referred to as the primary danger of kayaking. Many rivers and water have ice. In those places quickly reduce body temperature. At that time, kayaking became more difficult. 

3. Getting lost the direction

Most people lost their direction while kayaking. It is the most dangerous problem that people face most. However, many kayakers are going to the sea for kayaking. And the sea is a prominent place. 

That’s why most people lost their direction. It is also challenging to come back if you lost the place. So, try to find a guide who knows the sea direction very well.

4. Drinking and Paddling

Few people go kayaking with alcohol. It is very dangerous drinking and paddling. But unfortunately, most people make this mistake. During kayaking, accident of 23% happens due to drinking. 

Moreover, you cannot control yourself when you take alcohol. Because you don’t have any sense at that moment. As a result, you cannot hold your kayak comfortably. So, don’t kayak when you are drinking.

5. Kayaking in bad weather

Not all seasons are suitable for kayaking. However, the dry season is ideal for kayaking. On the other hand, it is better not to kayak when it is raining. Because the rise and fall of water may be abnormal at that time.

Besides, it isn’t easy to control yourself and your kayak in the winter. So, it is also better not to go kayaking when it snows in winter. Because it is not a perfect time.

6. Water Condition

There are some things we avoid while kayaking. And those things later became the cause of danger. However, water conditions are one of them. Unfortunately, most people can’t measure the water condition before kayaking.

Besides, water levels are not the same all the time. So, talk to your instructor about the water condition before kayaking. Then, your instructor can tell you the actual water condition.

7. Wildlife

Although this danger is not seen very much, you cannot avoid it. Because many kayakers are kayaking in the sea. There are many marine animals. All marine animals are not harmful.

But many animals are harmful. For example, man-eating fish is dangerous. At that moment, you don’t have any protection. So, try kayaking from the safety zone. Don’t cross your area. Otherwise, you will face significant danger.

How to Stay Safe from Danger

Just do not know about the dangers. However, it would be best if you stayed danger-free. Besides, you can be injured or killed in a bit of an accident. Life is precious. Thus, you have to be aware of this type of situation. So, let’s know how to stay free from this danger:

1. Since the kayak is to be in the water, learn to swim well first. Try to become a professional swimmer. So, you can save yourself in any circumstances.

2. Take professional training before kayaking. Because there may be a significant accident when losing a little bit of control.

3. If you are afraid of the water, it is better not to go kayaking alone.

4. Few people have asthma. So, those who have this problem should avoid kayaking.

5. Whatever the situation, you must take a lifejacket on your kayak trip. It can protect you from any unpleasant situation.

Ending Thoughts

Hopefully, now you can understand the risks and dangers of kayaking. Most people avoid this danger. Because they think that it is a very entertaining game. Yes, it is fun and also dangerous. Unfortunately, every year many people get seriously injured and die while kayaking.

Moreover, you have to know how dangerous is kayaking. Then, you can try to avoid this danger. Most people are not aware of this danger. In this article, you will find risks. And know some tips about staying free from this danger. So, read this article attentively and then go kayaking safely.

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