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kayaking while pregnant

Last updated on September 2, 2022

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Though kayaking is considered as an activity that calms when it comes to pregnant women, there can be involved risk to some extent. If you do not want to ignore its benefits, then you can avoid focusing on its threats. Kayaking while pregnant is considered a good activity for their body as it makes them feel relaxed and get fresh air throughout the day.

So the question arises about whether kayaking is suitable for pregnant women?

It is not easy to give a straightforward answer to this question. Before making any decision in this regard, you must take the advice of your doctor as every individual is unique and different. Before kayaking, pregnant women must know the limits of their physical condition. You can start kayaking if your doctor allows you.

However, you must follow a few factors before making any decision about kayaking if there is high-risk involved in your pregnancy. These factors may include:

Know your physical limitations

Even if your doctor allows you for kayaking for some time, you should consider the limits of your body during pregnancy. You cannot push your body against your limitations due to pregnancy, as it can be hazardous for both you and your baby. During pregnancy, you have to face new realities every day due to the changes experienced by your body every day.

Being pregnant, you may start feeling that the strength of your muscles is lower than before pregnancy. Moreover, your body might experience rapid changes when you are carrying one more life with you. In some cases, women start gaining weight during pregnancy, and you cannot ignore such changes. Similarly, the shape of your starts changing during pregnancy as you begin participating in informal activities or used to take rest most of the time. So, before deciding to kayak while pregnant, you should focus on your physical limitations

Visit your doctor

Whether you are planning to kayak in fat water or a river, but for kayaking, while pregnant, you should have the opinion of your doctor in this regard. Your focus should be on the safety of your baby and you while asking the doctor. You should plan your kayaking trip according to the recommendations and suggestions of your doctor. Your doctor will surely not allow you for kayaking activities if your pregnancy is at high risk as kayaking is a sport that needs the participant’s physical intensity. So, while planning for kayaking during pregnancy, your focus should be on the safety of the health of both you and your baby.

Tandem Kayaking

If the pregnant woman’s physical condition allows, then it is good to go for tandem kayaking as her partner will take care of her in case of any problem while kayaking. Furthermore, it is suitable for a pregnant woman to have a partner while kayaking as it can be advantageous for both you and your partner while transporting the kayak.

Calm Water

If the body allows pregnant women to paddle a kayak in a clam and slow-moving water, it will allow her to relax throughout kayaking. While pregnant, one should avoid kayaking on the water with irregular waves as it can increase risk due to challenging conditions. One can relax while kayaking during pregnancy when there are less challenging conditions. When you paddle on a slow-moving river or a lake with flat water, then it can give you a relaxing experience.

Safety during pregnancy

While kayaking during pregnancy, you must carry a few sacks to energize you as you may feel tired by the end of the journey. Ensure your safety and security by wearing PFD even if you know swimming as in an emergency, it will be hard for you to swim with your baby. Apply sunscreen and use a kayak with shade while kayaking in summers. Also carry drinking water with you to keep you hydrated throughout the time.

Tips to follow for kayaking during pregnancy

Kayaking while pregnant can be safe if you follow the tips provided hereunder carefully.

Follow your physical condition

Pregnant woman may not be comfortable paddling in marathon races or on white water even if she is normal in her routine compared to the pregnant woman who has changed her paddling to flatwater paddling. So you should assess your capabilities before kayaking while pregnant.

Be aware of your limitations

You should not start kayaking on white water if you do not do it usually. You can try it after your pregnancy.

Avoid physical paddling in winters

If you are kayaking while pregnant in the winter season, you should avoid real paddling as you may not be able to protect you and your baby if fallen into the water. It will be more comfortable for you to partner with you, who can paddle the kayak and allow you to paddle comfortably to keep you active instead of pushing the kayak.

Your skills can change with your changing body

When you are pregnant, the center of gravity of your body will vary due to baby in your bump. It can directly affect the stability of your body and the kayak if you are kayaking while pregnant. You may not be suitable for certain activities on a kayak during your pregnancy and even after it for some time due to changes in your skill sets.

Think while portaging and getting in and out

Though it is useful if you can get in and out and carry your kayak during pregnancy, you should still plan the things to make it easier for you as your kayak can e heavier than your expectations. You may not be able to handle it in the present circumstances.

Have enough to eat

While paddling during pregnancy, a lot of energy is burnt out due to physical exertion. In this situation, you must have snacks with you to give your muscles power and the baby in your womb while kayaking.

Thus, by following the information provided in this write-up, women Kayakers can go for kayaking while pregnant.

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