Maryland Kayaking Escapade: 10 Locations That You Will Love

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Last updated on September 2, 2022

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You don’t have to go far to get a wonderful kayaking experience. Surely, the sparkling waters of the Dalmatian coast will invigorate you, or the interesting wildlife in the Galapagos will make kayaking like a safari tour, but what if you don’t have the budget to go these places? Your best bet is to look for distinguished kayaking locations in the U.S. One of these places that I’m talking about is Maryland, United States. Its abundant landscape is filled with hidden kayaking locations that awaits to be discovered. If you want to know what these places are, read further and stay with me- follow kayaking near me map.

Here’s a brief overview of our discussion about kayaking in Maryland. The first 5 locations on this list will be ideal locations for beginners, while the rest are spots that professionals and beginners alike will love.

Tuckahoe State Park

Tuckahoe State Park’s 60-acre area won’t surely spoil your expectations of a great kayaking escapade. The waters are surrounded by lush greenery which is often visited by rare bird species such as the bald eagle. Beginners who aren’t ready for the moving waters will have a good time kayaking on the still lake waters. Once, they get the hang of things, they may transfer to the mild rapid waters of Tuckahoe Creek.

Aside from kayaking, Tuckahoe State Park also offers hiking, biking, hunting, and picnicking spots with spectacular views.

What makes this location great:

  • offers other activities aside from kayaking.
  • you’ll get to see the infamous bald eagle here.

Lake Centennial

What’s impressive about Lake centennial is that authorities made sure that its natural environment remains unchanged even with the passage of time. While kayaking here, it’s common for you to see herons, white-tailed deer, foxes, and other animals have their drinks on the water’s edges. Fishes such as bass, trout, sunfish, and tiger muskies dwell beneath the waters so bringing your fishing poles aside from your kayak is recommended.

People who have zero kayaking experience and safety equipment have to go to this location. Lake centennial offers excellent kayaking rental services. Aside from this, vigilant precautions are applied to ensure the safety of kayakers.

What makes this location great:

  • unchanged natural environment
  • lots of birds, mammals and fishes
  • offers great kayak rental services

Deep Creek Lake

This place sits at Western Maryland. At first glance, Deep Creek Lake has a rustic peaceful vibe that makes it a great location if you’re looking to get away from the daily grind by kayaking. The thick hedge of trees gives the waters a green shade when seen from afar. You might think that this is somehow eerie but you really need to see this extraordinary view because it’s relaxing.

Within Deep Creek Lake are 3 specific kayaking spots; Middle Yough, Upper Yough. and Lower Yough. Most beginners go to Middle Yough to practice. Lower and Upper Yough are ideal for experienced kayakers.

Near Deep Creek Lake are Youghiogheny and Cheat Rivers which also offer a wilder kayaking adventure.

What makes this location great:

  • has close proximity with other great kayaking locations
  • three kayaking areas to practice kayaking skills
  • trees and creek waters that complement each other

Potomac River

Potomac River is deeply etched in U.S. history primarily as because this is where American Settlers and Civil War troops launched their boats. This place is ideal for beginners who are getting the hang of kayaking. It has a mix of calm and rapid waters and kayaking here will take you to easy areas, to difficult ones, then to easy areas again. Since the currents are unpredictable you might want to take note which ones are the easiest and which ones are the most difficult to be safe.

What makes this location great:

  • a historic place that you need to visit
  • has a mix of calm and rapid waters suitable for beginner and intermediate kayakers

Gunpowder Falls State Park

Gunpowder Falls State Park is one of the most expansive kayaking destinations in Maryland included in this list. Because its scope is quite large, you’ll find no trouble finding a good kayaking location here and you can transfer from one place to another in case other kayakers bother you or you want to see a different view.

Beginners who want to kayak with serenity will surely love the Hereford area which is one of the easiest kayaking spots inside Gunpowder Falls State Park. Hereford area is a shallow forgiving stream that allows you to kayak under the shade of trees. It’s ideal that you kayak here during summer afternoons since the sunlight offers a kaleidoscopic view of the trees’ shadows.

What makes this location great:

  • very expansive
  • Hereford offers a kaleidoscopic view of trees’ shadows in summer

Youghiogheny River

Youghiogheny river is just perfect for whitewater kayaking and this is why experienced kayakers love to visit here. It has puddle pounding rapids, narrow twists and turns, and breathtaking drops. The current is not friendly and is constantly trying to get you off of your kayak. In addition, protruding rocks scattered in the middle and the edges of the river makes it even harder to maintain control. That said, get your swimming vests ready because you’re about to get wet.

What makes this location great:

  • has challenging waters
  • suitable for experienced kayakers

Thorne Gut Marsh

One of the things that can ruin your wholesome kayaking are powerboats. Sharing space with them is dangerous because a reckless driver might run you over. They’re pesky too because their noise drives wildlife away and ruins your dream of taking a good look at birds or other animals while riding your kayak.

Kayaking in Maryland is possible if you head to Thorne Gut Marsh. In here, the things that you can only hear are the swishing sounds of you paddles, the cries of birds, and the whisper of mother nature. Kayaking here is a breeze and the waters are consistently deep. There’s no need to worry about dragging your kayak in shallow waters.

What makes this location great:

  • Kayakers only no powerboats!

Mill Creek

Set off towards Mill Creek (Skipton Creek) if you love bird watching and kayaking. Birds such as osprey, blue herons, kingfisher, and red-winged blackbird usually dwell here because of its abundant vegetation. This is a great place to improve your control in the kayak since the vegetation provides pesky obstacles that might get you stuck if you don’t avoid them. Kayaking here is only possible in the daytime because the waters become pretty intimidating at night.

What makes this location great:

  • abundant vegetation that allows you to see lots of birds species while kayaking

Dundee Creek

Dundee Creek is one of the widest creeks on this list ideal for kayaking. The waters of Dundee creek are calm in all of its parts which make it great for beginners. However, the best thing about this place is that various species of marine flora may be found here. Dundee creek allows visitors to rent kayaks of different types so you can always visit if you don’t have a kayak of your own.

On a personal note, I love to visit Dundee Creek because it’s a place popular for anglers which makes kayaking in Maryland great. If you’re looking to steal fishing techniques, then you shouldn’t miss this place.

What makes this location great:

  • has a very wide area that makes it ideal for kayaking
  • a popular location for anglers

Eden Mill Park

If you’re looking for laidback kayaking in Maryland experience where you get to enjoy lots of scenic views, then Eden Mill Park is the place to be. You’ll pass under bridges, get a glimpse of houses built on the banks, and enjoy the dancing of trees and grasses as the summer winds caress them.

The grasses and trees give this location a nostalgic and mysterious feel. The creek’s water is not very wide and has moderate rapids. You’ll get to kayak while spending time for yourself and getting lost on your thoughts since there are no pesky obstacles, sudden water drops, or narrow twists and turns.

What makes this location great:

  • has striking and relaxing scenery with a mysterious and nostalgic feel.

Bottom Line

Before we part, allow me to say that the places mentioned here make Maryland deserve the attention of kayakers. Your time’s kayaking in Maryland will be on par on your kayaking experience in other locations abroad. Good kayaking doesn’t have to be expensive. Knowing which places near you are good to visit, will make kayaking costs cheap but worthwhile at the same time.

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