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Last updated on January 7, 2023

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Dogs have this affinity with water to a great or lesser extent. I think all animals do. Buy a rubber pool and you'll see that your pooch is as eager to spend a good soak in it to beat the summer heat. Aside from treats, dogs also enjoy a good splash.

Water adventures aren't mere moments that give happiness to dogs. In fact, it speaks well for their health too.  Spending time near or on bodies of water may help your fur ball manage stress and anxiety. Apart from this, it also prevents heat stroke from happening to your pet.

Kayaking is a good way for your pet to unwind. Sure enough, gliding along rivers, lakes, or seas will chase those dull moments for you and your pet. Today, I will be giving you a review of the best kayak for dogs. 

5 Recommended Kayak for Dogs in 2023

Specifically, I'll talk about the following products:

My Top Picks of the Best Kayaks Specially Designed for Dogs

Sea Eagle 370 Pro 3 Person Inflatable Portable Sport Kayak Canoe Boat w/ Paddles

To start this review, I'll talk about this inflatable kayak first. You should go for Sea Eagle 370 Pro if you're looking for a kayak for your pooch that has simple colors, dog friendly kayaks and also user-friendly. This kayak uses a dominant white color with a few touches of blue stickers and other graphics.

The design of it's exterior and the interior is on point. This means that you won't find any additional features such as a storage compartment, a cup holder, a phone holder or etc. Still, this trait makes this kayak really great since it makes the cockpit really spacious.

Aside from being portable and lightweight, the movable seats make this product a good choice. The seats of this kayak may be moved as far apart or as close to one another to accommodate another passenger or to make the users' legs more comfortable while riding.

The flooring of this kayak didn't disappoint me. It's hard enough to withstand the sharpness of my dog's claws. This feature is really handy since I'm not fond of trimming my pet's nails regularly. Aside from this, the floors don't feel awkward for the dog's feet so rest assured that it won't suddenly jump out of the kayak or flip it over.

I wish that this inflatable kayak may be installed with additional accessories. The lack of additional features might be a bit inconvenient if you're fond of bringing other stuff when kayaking.

Sea Eagle 370 Pro 3 Person Inflatable Portable Sport Kayak Canoe Boat w/ Paddles
  • 3 person kayak
  • 650 pounds weight capacity.
  • Claw and scratch-resistant flooring and hull.
  • Doesn't have advanced features.
  • Cannot be installed with additional kayaking accessories.

Perception Kayaks Crank 10 | Sit on Top Pedal Kayak | Adjustable Lawn Chair Seat | 10' | Grasshopper (9351800177)

I've been a solid fan of perception kayaks for a long time mainly because their kayaks look and work great. For kayaking with dog, I suggest that you use Perception Crank 10. Why? let's take a look at what it gives,

Perception crank 10 comes with a paddle drive. Basically, this means that there's no need to use paddles anymore for you will be relying on the manual motor that comes with this kayak. Each stride on the paddle drive won't be heavy and rest assured that after kayaking, you won't be getting sore legs.

The paddle drive allows this kayak to move forward and in reverse. Paddle drive is handy when kayaking with your dog especially if the kayak has a small cockpit because your pet might get in the way with normal paddling.

Where does your dog sit when riding this kayak anyway? There's a rear shallow compartment that's wide enough for your dog to sit at.

An issue with this kayak is that the cockpit and compartment are shallow. Even a light sudden shake might cause your pet to fall out of this kayak when riding in rapid waters. That said when kayaking with your pooch, only use this kayak on calm rivers, streams, and lakes.

Perception Kayaks Crank 10 | Sit on Top Pedal Kayak | Adjustable Lawn Chair Seat | 10' | Grasshopper (9351800177)
  • Folding, adjustable, and removable seats.
  • Reliable paddle drive for forward and reverse motion.
  • Spacious rear shallow compartment for your pet.
  • Compartment and cockpit is a bit shallow.
  • Not good for kayaking locations with rapid waters.

Rave sports Molokai Inflatable 2 person kayak is what you need if you're looking for a colorful kayak for dogs. The combination of black, blue, and white colors with a complete touch of graphics such as bright colored stickers, patterns, etc. makes you think of the beaches in Hawaii when looking at this kayak. Therefore, if you're thinking of kayaking with your dog on the seas, this kayak is all you need.

I love the paddles of this kayak because they're not heavy and may act as a warning device due to their bright yellow color. The combination of the paddles and the kayak itself makes it easy for powerboat users to spot you.

When not inflated, Rave Sports Molokai kayak easily fits inside the carrying bag even without meticulous folding. This allows you to store this kayak quickly and without any hassle.

This kayak comes with two adjustable seats and both are large enough for your pet. The flooring isn't as great as Sea Eagle 370 Pro but they're strong enough to bear the sharpness of your pet's claws.

The elastic cords on the rear of this kayak allow you to carry other kayaking equipment such as fishing poles and bait. Therefore, this kayak may also act as a beginner's fishing kayak.

An issue with this kayak is that it's not made for the long term. After 3 years of using, my Rave Sports Molokai got punctured by some unknown object. I guessed that this was the result of the degradation of the material used.

  • Stylish and colorful exterior design.
  • Light and colorful paddles.
  • Hand pump works really well.
  • No suitable for long term use.
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty use.

Advanced Elements Straightedge 2 Kayak is a sleek looking inflatable dog kayak that is made for long term use. This kayak comes with an aluminum-framed stern and bow that allows for improved maneuverability and stability. Aside from this, the material used for this kayak is one that resists corrosion caused by changing seasons.

This kayak also comes with drain holes that make it a good self-bailing kayak. You'll want to use this kayak if you and your pet are looking to brave beaches with large waves.

I did ride this kayak with my pet on the Colorado river. I was really glad that I and my pet finished the whole whitewater kayaking course unscathed. In terms of control, this kayak's performance is exceptional.

The self-repair kit allows this kayak to serve you for a long time. Minor damages such as scratches and small punctures aren't a problem with the self-repair kit.

This kayak's hand pump might break easily. Therefore, consider buying a separate hand pump upon buying this product.

  • Repair kit for minor repairs.
  • Made out of heavy-duty PVC material.
  • Foldable and squeezable you may bring this kayak to kayaking locations abroad.
  • The freehand pump of this kayak isn't that durable.

Lifetime Triton Angler 100 Fishing Kayak, Olive Green

Lifetime Triton Angler is a military looking kayak, at least for me. The pattern and design on its exterior and interior look very manly. That said, I doubt that women will like this one. However, if you're a man looking for a badass kayak for your pooch, you need to check this out.

The skeg and hull of this kayak are designed for control. You won't have trouble making difficult maneuvers on this kayak. Excellent control makes this product suitable for whitewater kayaking. Evasion sudden turns, and drops. You won't have trouble doing these maneuvers when riding this kayak.

Of course, your pet will love riding this product. On calm waters this kayak isn't prone to jerk awkwardly and cause your pet to panic.

This kayak has a rather spacious cockpit so your dog might ride with you even if it doesn't have extra seats.

An issue with this kayak is that the scupper hole isn't very good and doesn't drain the water completely off the cockpit.

  • Manly exterior and interior design.
  • Spacious cockpit.
  • Excellent control.
  • Scupper holes don't drain the water, that enters the cockpit, completely.

Buying Guide: Choosing the Best Kayak for Dogs

Do Not Go For Unstable Sit on Top Kayaks

Unstable sit on top kayaks are a big no as a kayak for you and your pet. This is because the sudden movement of your pet might cause it to tip over, wetting you and your pooch in the process. How do you know if a sit on top kayak is unstable? When buying online, just read each review carefully. When purchasing personally on a store, lift the bow or stern, and if they're light, rest assured that the kayak you're looking at isn't good.

By the way, a sit on top kayak is only good if you're dog isn't large. Ideal dogs to ride with you on a sit on top kayak are french bulldogs, chihuahua, border terrier, boston terrier, etc. In contrast, you might need a sit-inside kayak for bigger dogs.

A good sit on top kayak for dogs is Pescador Crank 10. Pescador Crank 10 is a stable sit on top kayak that won't give stress to your pet while riding.

Sit Inside Kayaks Are The Best

Sit Inside kayaks are the most ideal for kayaking with your pet. Their shallow cockpits makes riding comfortable for your dog since it can stand up and rest its front paws on the side while riding. Also, the movement of your pet is greatly restricted when riding a sit inside a kayak and there's no way for it to leap without warning.

Furthermore, sit-inside kayaks with 2 or more seats must be on the top of your list. More seats mean that you can carry more dogs. If you have one dog at home, a 2 sitter kayak with movable seats will do. On the other hand, you need a 3 sitter kayak with movable seats if you own 2 dogs.

A Kayak With A Leashing Port Isn't Bad

This might be pretty rare but a kayak with a leashing port might be good. While kayaking with your dog for the first time, your pet might get nervous and may start moving awkwardly. This is where a leashing port comes in handy because all you have to do is put the collar on your pet's neck then fasten the leash to the leashing port. Leashing will prevent your dog from destabilizing your kayak.

A leashing port maybe a fishing rod holder, a phone holder, or any additional accessories that a kayak has where you can fasten or attach a leash.

How To Train Your Dog To Ride The Kayak (Kayak Dog Platform)

Riding the kayak with your pet is easier and safe if it's properly trained.  With proper training, your pet won't become nervous or fearful when riding the kayak for the first time. This means there's a lesser chance of you and your pet flipping over while kayaking.

Training your pet to ride the kayak is easy. Buy a cheap kayak that has enough weight capacity to carry you and your pet at the same time. If you don't have the money, you may borrow from friends if they have one. After getting your hands on a kayak, go to a nearby stream or river with your pet and begin the first phase of the training.

The first phase of training for your pet is getting on the kayak. To do this, place your kayak near the bank and allow your pet to come near it. After doing this, ride the kayak and encourage your pet to follow you. It might not immediately follow to ride with you so you might want to wait and observe. If your pet is feeling hesitant, continue to encourage it until it gets in.

After successfully doing this training, you'll need to teach your pet not to move so much when riding the kayak. Doing this is simple, head towards the most shallow part of the river and stream. Place the kayak on the bank then get inside with your pet and start kayaking. Whenever your pet tries to move nervously stop paddling and pat its head to calm it down.

The last phase of training is swimming, Your should teach your pet how to swim towards the bank in case your kayak flips. Doing this is easy, put your pet on a swimming vest and leash it. After this, take a dip with your pet and start pulling it toward and away from the bank as it swims. Do this continuously until there's no need for you to guide your pet anymore.

Safety Equipment for Kayaking & Canoeing With Your Dogs

Never go for kayaking or canoeing with your pet without these things:

  1. 1
    A leash or rope.
  2. 2
    Swimming vests for you and your dog.
  3. 3
    Whistle just in case you need to call for help.

Final Verdict

Kayaking is more fun if you do it with your pet. That said , for kayaking with your dog, the products I've reviewed here won't disappoint you.

Stable, maneuverable, and durable- these are the characteristics of a good dog kayak. By the way, training your pet first before deciding to kayak with it will help a lot.

Lastly, do not kayak with your dog without safety equipment such as, a leash for preventing your pet to leap suddenly, swimming vests to prevent you and your pet from drowning, and a whistle which is handy for alerting other kayakers that you're in trouble.

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