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Best Kayak Cup Holder

Last updated on January 7, 2023

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The rivers are the ideal place to acquire beautiful encounters of life discovered in pleasurable times. All things become relevant when you kayak in excellent boats. And adding all the appropriate accessories makes things much more enjoyable.

The cup holder is one of the many crucial items you must have on your upcoming kayaking excursion. I always carry a drinks or beverages when I go for a kayaking excursion. But it is a bit difficult to hold while kayaking.

If the cup holder is included with the seats of the kayak, it will help a lot. Are you thinking the same? So, to find the best kayak cup holder, go through the article that will help you a lot.

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Many people enjoy canoeing or kayaking. However, when you are paddling for long periods, it can be not easy to hold your drink in one hand and paddle with the other. This is where a best kayak Cup Holder comes into play. The best part about kayak cup holders is that they are not expensive at all! This article will review some of the best Kayak Cup Holders on the market and help you choose which one is best for your needs.

The best cup holder for your kayak or canoe should be the best fit and design to suit your needs. There are many different types of kayak Cup Holder on the market, but we will review nine of them here:

Reviews of the Best Kayak Cup Holder

To spend your tour with ease and comfort, you must have the best cup holders for a kayak. And to give some relief to you, I have reviewed some best cup holders in this section. Let's go ahead.

SCOTTY 311-BK Scotty Cup Holder with Rod Holder Post and Bulkhead Black

Kayak attachments are only one of Scotty's incredible goods that are well known. In this group of goods, the 311 Kayak cup holder is well-known. This cup holder is ideal for those who prefer not to deal with the stress of paddling back to shore to rehydrate or keeping the drink cup in their hands while kayaking.

However, the holder's purpose is to make it more convenient for kayakers to use when they are far from the beach. And the procedure of installation is straightforward. You can mount your holder in a matter of seconds.

Its robust construction and durable plastic design enable it to support fluids weighing up to 12 ounces. An integrated drainage system reduces leaks or overflow. With the built-in bottle opener, you can swiftly open your beverage even while you're in the middle of the ocean.


  • It is obtainable in a range of hues. Additionally, you can add your logo and name.
  • The cork serves as the kayak's bottom and protects it from the elements.
  • It is constructed of sturdy plastic.
  • The base of it may rotate 360 degrees. This base makes it easier to get to your drink.
  • The Scotty 311 Kayak Cup Holder is well-made yet still reasonably priced.


  • Most bottles on the market will not fit in the holder, which may defeat the fundamental purpose of cup holders.
  • While kayaking, you could have problems holding your drink firmly in the holder.

Brocraft Drink Holder for Deck/Side Mount/Deck Mount Cup Holder/Kayak Drink Holder

Brocraft Kayak Cup Holder is another best kayak cup holder. The cup holder weighing 0.31 kilograms is simple to install on your kayak and can hold a range of bottle, can, coffee mug, and cup sizes. And in comparison to the previously stated kayak cup holders, the Brocraft Kayak Cup Holder, made up of plastic, is considerably different in design.

The innovative soft foam shape keeps your drink from getting wet and your kayak stable. Moreover, it has a robust suction cup for attachment. Additionally, it supports holding two cups or bottles simultaneously.

And it is a great way to stay close to refreshments when kayaking. Also, drinking safely and being hydrated while having fun on the water are both made possible with the Brocraft kayak cup holder.

Brocraft Drink Holder for Deck/Side Mount/Deck Mount Cup Holder/Kayak Drink Holder


  • The Brocraft kayak cup holder is simple to install and does not take much time.
  • It only takes a few minutes to connect the cup holder to the majority of kayaks.
  • The Brocraft kayak cup holder is firm but still lightweight.
  • It has a 360-degree rotation that allows you to adjust it in whatever way you like.
  • You can alter it. In other words, you can put it wherever you wish.


  • Taking the cup holder out of the kayak may be challenging as well.
  • The cup holder may get in the way of your paddling if it is not positioned appropriately and at the appropriate location.

SunChaser Drink Holder for Cups and Bottles, Holds Cans and Tumblers - Comes with Drink Stake, Beverage Holder with Strap and Suction for Boats - Cupholder Gift - Graphite Grey

Sunchaser kayak cup holder is a fantastic option for any kayaker because of its variety of wonderful features. Sunchaser is the most adaptable kayak drink holder with its 2.89 ounces weight. The design comes first; it is built of durable plastic that enables it to last for a very long time in usage.

Using the two suction cups, you can quickly connect them to any area of your kayak. Moreover, it has built-in storage for your fishing rod and space for two glasses, a beverage bottle, coffee cups, and cans. And you may use it for hot tubs, kayaks, canoes, and even your RV.

You can hold this compact cup holder in your beach bag and pocket. It also includes a sturdy mesh bag with a locking drawstring clasp for keeping all of your parts. There are three interchangeable attachments included.

And it is durable because it is constructed with strong ABS injected molds and a solid rubber skid to protect surfaces. Indeed, it is a terrific method to keep your drink and fishing gear close at hand while kayaking, which makes it more handy and fun.


  • The Sunchaser will survive many years because it is made of sturdy plastic.
  • Two screws make it simple to attach to your kayak.
  • It can be altered. And any kayak can use it, regardless of the size of the cup or bottle.
  • It can hold up to 16 ounces of liquid.
  • It has three replaceable attachments.


  • It might be challenging to remove cups, especially if your hand is moist.
  • It can obstruct your vision and make it difficult to paddle if it is not attached.

SkiffDaddy Drink Cup Holder - for Boat, Pontoon, Canoe, Golf Cart, Beach/Lawn Chair - 2 Pack

SkiffDaddy kayak cup holder also comes under the best kayak cup holder. When you set on a kayaking water tour with the SkiffDaddy, you will not have to worry about where and how to secure your drink.

You can mount the SkiffDaddy cup holder on your kayak in just a few seconds. The SkiffDaddy cup holder can survive any environmental condition, including the swiftest rushing waters, because it is sturdy and resilient plastic. It supports all sorts of kayaks and firmly secures your drink.

In addition, it is both long-lasting and straightforward to use due to the absence of moving parts, assembling, or wearing out components. You can use this drink holder with various items, such as kayaks, deck and dock railings, and patio chairs. There is nothing to drill, so you do not need to make any holes in the boat.

You can start by friction-fitting the device to a typical pontoon boat railing. Thus, it has space for cups, cans, bottles, and other stuff like water, toys, and sunglasses. So, It will be a wise decision to choose SkiffDaddy to stay hydrated and rejuvenated while kayaking without having to stop paddling.

SkiffDaddy Drink Cup Holder - for Boat, Pontoon, Canoe, Golf Cart, Beach/Lawn Chair - 2 Pack


  • It has an integrated lash that you may attach to your kayak's deck rigging.
  • It tightly secures the drink container.
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant polyethylene were used in its construction.
  • Most glasses, cans, and bottles can fit in because of their adjustable design.
  • Even on your upcoming adventure, you may easily transport it because it has a lightweight storage bag.


  • Once a cup or bottle is put into the cup holder, getting it out can be challenging.
  • Since the cup holder has no lid, your drink may easily fall over.

Toadfish Slim Non-Tipping Can Cooler for 12oz Cans - Suction Cup Cooler For Beer & Soda - Stainless Steel Double-Wall Vacuum Insulated Cooler - Sturdy Beverage Holder - (White)

If you want to upgrade your boat with a cup holder, Toadfish is yet another fantastic choice. This top kayak drink holder has double-wall vacuum insulation, preventing sweat from forming outside and protecting your hands from harm. To prevent your beverage from spilling while you paddle, the Toadfish Teal Non-Tipping Suction Surfing Kayak Cup Holder is precisely made.

In addition, it performs various other tasks, including holding most drinks up to 16 ounces and maintaining the temperature of the drinks according to what is placed within. Moreover, it is constructed from sturdy 304 stainless steel, food grade 18/08, and it uses a silicone suction cup to adhere to kayaks, maintaining its grip even in the worst waves of the water without slipping.

And anybody will adore it because of the teal finish's fantastic appearance. You may carry it around with ease because of the best belt loop hook or carabiner clip that is attached. It is the ideal rehydration option for long kayaking expeditions.

Toadfish Slim Non-Tipping Can Cooler for 12oz Cans - Suction Cup Cooler For Beer & Soda - Stainless Steel Double-Wall Vacuum Insulated Cooler - Sturdy Beverage Holder - (White)


  • Your drink container is stable and non-slip due to the Toadfish teal kayak.
  • You do not need to be concerned about rust or corrosion because it is composed of a sturdy plastic substance.
  • It is effortless to set up and operate.
  • It has a quick-release mechanism that makes removal, when necessary, straightforward.
  • It will adhere to both horizontal and vertical surfaces.


  • Tall mugs and cups are not very compatible with the holder.
  • The cup holder can be challenging to attach to the kayak.

kemimoto Motorcycle Cup Holder, Oxford Fabric Motorcycle Drink Holder with 0.6"-1.75" Alligator Clamp, Universal Water Bottle Holder for Motorcycle, ATV/UTV, Scooter, Boat, Kayak, Bike, Walker

This best kayak drink Holders by Kemimoto is another great option for those looking to add a cup holder to their boat. It's made of Oxford Fabric material and comes with an alligator clip that can be used to attach it anywhere you want! This also features a drain hole which ensures no water gets inside the holder itself when draining your drink after use. Besides this, it has many other functions, such as holding up most drinks (up to 16 oz.), keeping them hot or cold depending on what you put inside.

A boat cup holder is a great way to keep your drinks close at hand. So if you're looking for a durable, stable, and easy-to-use boat cup holder, this is the one for you.

This marine drink holder features an alligator clamp mounted on any 0.6" - 1.75" rails or vertical bar, making it ideal for kayaks and other boats. It's also adjustable, so you can set it up in whatever position works best for you while you're on the water.

kemimoto Motorcycle Cup Holder, Oxford Fabric Motorcycle Drink Holder with 0.6"-1.75" Alligator Clamp, Universal Water Bottle Holder for Motorcycle, ATV/UTV, Scooter, Boat, Kayak, Bike, Walker

Key features:

  • Sturdy Oxford fabric construction
  • Adjustable for best fit and stability
  • Includes alligator clamp, screws, washers & tool
  • Ideal for kayaks and boats

Yak Attack Track Mount Multimount Cup Holder, Black - SSO-1001

It's time to get yourself the best kayak drink holders - Yakattack MultiMount cup holder. This best kayak drink holder is built with a strong aluminum alloy track mount which can be easily installed in your boat and works on any flat surface such as the floor, bulkhead, deck, or seat. Furthermore, this best cup holder features an ergonomic design that allows you to access both hands-free while keeping drinks within reach! It also has other functions such as being able to hold up most drinks (up 16 oz.), keeping them hot or cold depending on what you put inside.

Yak Attack Track Mount Multimount Cup Holder, Black - SSO-1001

Key features:

  • Made of durable 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum alloy.
  • Includes best stainless steel bolts and washers for easy installation.
  • Ergonomic design allows you to access both hands aluminum alloy; doesn't rust.
  • Can be easily carried around with the best carabiner clip or best belt loop hook.
  • Comes with stainless steel hardware for mounting convenience.
  • Can be used to mount accessories in a variety of positions.
  • Works on flat surfaces such as the floor, bulkhead, deck, or best seat.

Wilderness Systems Kayak Konsole with Dry Hatch

If best kayak drink holder is what you are looking for, then the Wilderness Systems Kayak Konsole with Dry Hatch should be your best option. This best cup holder by Wilderness Systems features a dry hatch that's perfect to store personal items such as keys or wallets while out on the water! It also has other functions such as being able to hold up most drinks (up 16 oz.), keeping them hot or cold depending on what you put inside.

Wilderness Systems Kayak Konsole with Dry Hatch

Key features:

  • Perfect best kayak best drink holder for storing personal items such as keys or wallets while on the water.
  • Comes with a dry hatch lid that ensures no water enters in case of any tipping, capsize, etc.
  • Ergonomic design provides best paddle leash and bungee loops to keep your hands free!

Yakuzzi Kayak Drink/Cup Holder, Accessories for Kayaks and Canoes (Orange)

The Yakuzzi Kayak Drink/Cup Holder is a great accessory for your kayak or canoe that will help you stay hydrated. It has a patented design that keeps your drink secure and sturdy while you're out on the water. Moreover, it fits into most standard threaded twist-off bottle caps! This type of kayak Cup Holder also features an adjustable support arm with a nonslip rubber grip, so if you want to put other things in there, like tools or bait heads, they will not fall off when moving around in your boat. The best part about this best cup holder for kayaks is its price tag; it's one of the cheapest cups holders on our list but can still do all those important functions we talked about above! Plus, these are very easy to install!

Yakuzzi Kayak Drink/Cup Holder, Accessories for Kayaks and Canoes (Orange)

Key features:

  • GREAT KAYAK & CANOE ACCESSORY - The Yakuzzi drink holder is a great addition to your kayak or canoe. It's the perfect way to keep your favorite beverage secure and within reach while you paddle.
  • KEEPS DRINK SECURE - This cup holder attaches easily to most kayaks and canoes, so you don't have to worry about it falling off or tipping over when you hit rough water.
  • EASY TO SET UP - Slide the sleeve onto your boat's seat back, and then insert the net bag into the sleeve for an easy setup that takes just seconds!
  • NET BAG INCLUDED - You get a free mesh net bag with every purchase of this product! This makes it easy for you to carry around any other small items you need on your trip. Just throw them in the bag and clip them onto the side of your boat.

What Are The Kayak Cup Holders And Why Are They Important To Kayakers?

 Kayak cup holders are small metal or plastic protrusions that are mounted around the cockpit area of a kayak. Their primary purpose is to help hold a drink container securely in place while the kayaker paddles.

Kayak cup holders are compatible with containers such as soda cans and water bottles and can be a great addition for kayakers who want to keep their beverage close at hand while paddling. Kayak cup holders also help to prevent the need for kayakers to stop and disembark from their kayak in order to retrieve a drink from the shoreline.

Additionally, it can help to keep your drink from spilling while you are paddling. For these reasons, kayak cup holders can be an important and convenient accessory for kayakers of all levels of experience.

The Ultimate Buying Guide for The Best Kayak Cup Holder 

This section will give you some buying guides to help you choose the best cup holder for a kayak. So, the guidelines are:


Strong environmental conditions should not be an issue for a decent cup holder, and it should be able to resist repeated use for longer.


The purpose of a cup holder is to assist you in firmly securing your beverage while you take in the beauty of kayaking. It means that a decent cup holder should be able to keep your drink in place.

Simple Mounting

You should also examine the cup holder's mounting system. While some might be simple to set up, others might be challenging.

However, the best cup holders for kayaks and canoes are simple to install. Most of the time, drilling is not even necessary. The suction cup is the most typical mounting device. Others employ clamps and clips. Examine your preferred model to learn more about the mounting system.


The easiest approach to deciding this is to look at whether stainless steel or aluminum was utilized to create the best kayak drink, holder. Consider using aluminum metal, which doesn't rust, if you're going on an inshore fishing excursion where dirt will be involved. Additionally, compared to pure stainless steel, aluminum alloy gives greater strength.


Using or connecting the kayak cup holder should not be complicated or take a long time. For instance, the most delicate drink holder should be able to quickly connect using suction cups that fit well if you plan to engage in the best water activities.

Dimensions of the cup holder

The cup holder should fit appropriately on the inside of your boat. To utilize your finest drink holder for kayak without any issues, for instance, if you have a heavy gulping habit, it's advisable to purchase an interior region with dimensions adequate for fitting at least 16 oz.

Warranty and Price Range

Lastly, remember that you should select a price range for the finest drink holders for a kayak that falls within your means, based on your budget. Additionally, the most delicate cup holder with the best guarantee can help ensure that it performs as intended and provide you peace of mind knowing that in the event of an accident, not much will be lost.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What Is The Best Size for A Kayak Drink Holder?

The ideal drink holder for kayaking has a length of about 12 cm and a width of up to 16 oz of beverage capacity. Additionally, it just weighs 0.06 pounds.

2. What Equipment Is Required to Install My Cup Holder?

Most of the time, no tools are needed. The kind of cup holder matters, though. You might need to buy a drilling machine if it calls for drilling screws. Most models are simple to install and take off the kayak.

3. Are kayak cup holders essential?

Since it is a supplement, it may come down to personal taste. Some people might require cup holders, particularly if they need a better way to hold their drinks.

Let's imagine you are out fishing; without a doubt, you would need a location to store the beverage nearby. So whether you need to utilize the cup holder depends on the circumstances.

4. Is It Possible to Mount The Bulkhead with The Best Kayak Drink Holder?

It works well for mounting on kayaks and the best boats because it can be fastened with the best carabiner clip or suction cups.

5. What Attachments Are Required for A Kayak?

The accessories are:

6. What Is The Best Cup Holder for A Kayak That Fits A Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120?

One of the best companies that sell recreational kayaks is Wilderness Systems. If you want to bring your animal companion onboard, the Tarpon 120 is the brand's vibrant series.

7. What Material Makes The Greatest Drink Holder for Kayaks?

The most delicate kayak cup holder is composed of aluminum alloy, the most significant material for preventing corrosion from saltwater.

8. Can The Best Cup Holder for A Kayak Be Used on Uneven Ground?

Yes, the best flat surfaces, such as the best kayak deck or floor, can be used with the best kayak cup holder.

Final Words

Finally, it is essential to conclude that if you want the best time for your excursion, the above-stated kayak cup holders can help you. A kayak cup holder is vital if you paddle for an extended period and must reach your drink frequently.

Numerous types of cup holders are available on the market and come in various sizes and forms. I have reviewed the best kayak cup holder, so you can pick the one that best suits your requirements. However, you must read the article thoroughly to choose the best cup holder.

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