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Listen to Music While Kayaking

Last updated on September 2, 2022

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Kayaking is one of the most popular summer activities. It can be easy to get bored if you’re kayaking for more than an hour, but how can you listen to music while kayaking without sacrificing safety? There are many ways that you can do this, and we will go over them below!

How to listen music while kayaking?

1. You could always just bring a portable speaker or bluetooth device with speakers on it with you when you go kayaking. This way, there’s no chance of losing your item in the water because it’s attached to yourself! Make sure not to set up too close though, as it might interfere with how the boat moves through the water.

2. When using a device like this, make sure that your phone is all the way charged, and you have a waterproof case! Since we don’t want your device to break when it falls in the water. 

3. If you’re using your phone to play music, it’s important that you don’t touch the screen while the waters moving the boat around. You will want to move your hand away from the phone before you hit a wave or other obstacle, otherwise your device might fall into the water and break!

4. It’s also important not to touch the screen when you’re getting into or out of your kayak.

5. Another way to listen to music while kayaking is using a waterproof speaker and an aux cord! This way, you won’t lose any of your devices in the water, but this method can make it difficult to hear what’s going on around you. Make sure to set up your speaker away from where you are kayaking to avoid this problem.

6. An earbud alternative is using waterproof headphones! This way, you won’t need to worry about losing or breaking any of your devices again! Be careful though because if the headphone falls out while you’re still in the water, it will just sink down to the bottom.

7. Make sure to check whether your device is waterproof or not before you go kayaking! This way, all of your devices will stay safe for the entire kayaking session.

So now that you know how to listen music while kayaking, what are some places you want to go kayaking?

Young girl enjoying music while kayaking

Where you’d like to do this activity?

Perhaps you’ve been kayaking before and you want to hear your favorite music while doing it. If so, you essentially just need a waterproof speaker or some sort of bluetooth device that will play the music for you! Another good option is using an aux cord when kayaking- this way, nothing will fall into the water and get damaged. It’s also a good idea to make sure that your devices are waterproof before you go kayaking, otherwise they might get damaged from the water.

What music do you want to hear when fishing?

 Maybe you prefer quiet hours under the sun, with nothing but nature around you. Or maybe it’s your favorite music playing in the background. How about some fish puns? Well, OK – myself personally I like to listen to whatever kind of music I have on my phone that will match whatever mood I’m in. Maybe something more laid-back when I’m fishing away from the party and want to enjoy my sandwich and a beer in silence. Maybe some club tunes when I’m feeling more energetic, or some nice relaxing piano to wind down after a full day of fishing.

What’s the best way to listen to music while kayaking?

I am going to have to say that the best way would be with a bluetooth speaker. Wow, did I just blow your mind? I’m not talking about the huge blocky speakers that are difficult to carry around – I’m talking about a hands-free, waterproof bluetooth speaker. But there are so many choices with prices ranging from $30 to over $300! And now you ask yourself if it’s really worth paying more money just for music while kayaking? Well, read on to find out best waterproof speakers for kayaks or best waterproof bluetooth speakers for boat to know more!


Now that you know how to listen music while kayaking, there’s no reason not to go out and get started! This activity is fun for the whole family, so why wait? The water might be cold at first, but after a while you’ll get used to it. Remember this information before you go out kayaking again. Thanks for reading!

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