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Last updated on January 7, 2023

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Kayaking is one of the most fun activities you can do involving water. It’s considered a thrifty sport. However, it requires a lot of hard work and effort if you are in it alone. To help you in your kayaking, the best partner you can have is a kayak sail. Yes, you heard me right. It’s not a person; it’s just a kayak sail. Why?

Well, the most challenging part of kayaking is paddling it the whole time. Especially when you are alone kayaking, there is no one to help you push the kayak forward with a paddle. However, in such moments you can get help from nature. Let the air be your partner to move the kayak forwards. And for that to happen, a kayak sail is crucial.

Now, when you are trying to buy a kayak sail, you will come across many of them. Choosing one of them may be difficult for you. However, I have personally used kayak sails for a while now. So, to make things easier, I will take you through the best kayak sail you can find out there.

Not only that, but I will also share some crucial aspects you should consider before buying a kayak sail. Let’s get on with it without any delay.

Buying Guide To Kayak Sail

Just knowing about some particular products may not be helpful for you. That’s why I wanted to go through some factors you need to consider before buying a kayaking sail. Making a buying choice becomes much easier when your think about these factors.

A. Design- The first thing that you will see in kayaking sails is their design. Because the design of each sail has a lot to do with the functionality of them. There are typically three types of sails based on design.

  1. V-shape sails: Usually, V-shape sails are for downwind sailing. They are the best for that purpose. You can get a lot of speed when you are downwind with a V-shape sail. However, if there is strong wind against you, then your kayak can tip over easily. Also, you can’t use a V-shape sail on any upwind at all.
  2. Circle Shape sail: Circle shapes are the best bet to go with for beginners. They come with a window on the back that lets you have a better vision. With better vision, it becomes fairly easy to control the movements of the kayak. You can’t adjust these sails. They go in only one direction.
  3. L shape sails: When you are talking about professional kayaking, you get to see these sails. The best sails tend to have this shape, and they come with extreme maneuverability. You can change direction and adjust according to the wind. However, the robust features also come with a higher price tag. This is why most advanced and regular kayakers prefer this kind of sails.

B. Materials- After you have selected your sail shape, move onto the material aspect. Again, it’s crucial for the safety and performance of your sail. Typically, you will come across two types of materials for your sails. They are either cloth or plastic. However, with time there are some new additions to that.

  1. Plastic: Plastic sails are a great option if you are looking for something lightweight. Since they are lightweight, they do a great job of steering your kayak. Most plastic sails are synthetic plastic. While plastic sails are efficient in performance, they aren’t the best in terms of durability.
  2. Cloth: Clothes are the traditional choice of sails. They have better durability and will last way longer than plastic sails. However, there are downsides to cloth sails. Once they get wet, they can be cumbersome. This takes away the efficiency of the sail. As a result, moving your kayak using the sail becomes much more difficult.
  3. Visor: Now, this isn’t the whole sail. It can come with either a cloth sailor a plastic sail. A visor is basically a transparent plastic that will allow you to have a wider vision for your kayak sail. It’s great for beginners because they can easily navigate their kayak with some extra vision.
  4. Carbon fiber: If we are talking about the best quality materials for your sail, it must be carbon fiber. These sails come with the perfect durability and lightweight ability. So, they are not weak in performance, and they also last for a longer time. However, they are quite expensive in comparison to other sails.

C. Based on experience- This is a consideration you have to make before you buy a kayaking sail. Because, if you are a beginner then particular sails will be more suitable for you. Yes, you can spend your money on anything you wish. But it won’t be worth it unless you know how to get full use of it. Depending on your experience, there are four options available for you.

  1. Wind paddle: If you are an absolute beginner in kayaking, you should go for wind paddle sails. They are easy to set up due to their mast shape. With a circular mast, you can control the sail much more quickly.
  2. Sea Eagle: These are the more appropriate sails for beginners who have been kayaking for a while. It’s somewhere between beginner and intermediate. They are easy to set up but a bit harder to control. So, you will need some experience with that.
  3. Falcon Sails: Falcon sails are perfect for the intermediate kayakers out there. It’s great for people who know what they are doing but lack real-life experience on a kayak. It’s easy to set up and provides a lot of maneuverability. This can be complex for a beginner kayaker.
  4. Hobie: This is the choice of professional kayakers. These sails come with the highest grade of functionality and performance. They have a heavy-duty construction along with smooth maneuverability. They are very powerful and will give you an immersive experience of kayaking. However, you will need a lot of experience to use these sails. Also, they are pretty expensive.

So, these were the considerations that you have to make for a wise choice. As you can see, going through these factors will surely make your life easier in deciding on a kayak sail.

Top 5 Best Kayak Sail - Be Your Own Partner| Experts choice:

The 5 Best Kayak Sail & Buying Guide to Increase Your Kayaking Skills

Sea Eagle QuikSail Kayak Sail

No matter which kayak you have, you can buy this one without any worries. It can go along with any kayak out there. Along with this compatibility, there is some other impressive stuff about this one.

  • Design and shape- This one comes with a downwind spinnaker that has a V shape. The mast here is lightweight aluminum which enables this to have a good speed. Even though it’s light, it doesn’t lack in durability or built quality.
  • Easy to install and use- Worrying about installing a sail on your kayak? With this one, you don’t have to. It’s effortless and easy to install on any kayak. It doesn’t require any specialized skills or tools to do the job. You can do that yourself. Apart from the installation, the usability of this one is also impressive. It doesn’t have any complicated parts to tackle with.
  • Excellent speed- If I have to talk about speed, then this is an excellent choice. The top speed you get from this is super satisfying. Especially if you are on a perfect downwind, you will never forget the ultimate speed experience you can get on this one.
Sea Eagle QuikSail Kayak Sail


  • You can use this sail on any kayak you want. 
  • The top speed of this kayak on downwind is awe-inspiring.
  • This sail is very easy to install on any kayak.
  • It has got a traditional V-shape look on it.
  • The mast you get on this is made of lightweight aluminum. 


  • It’s not an excellent option for upwind. 
  • It has got bad maneuverability and hard to control.

With all the things combined, this is a great kayak sail for downwind areas. However, if you want to kayak upwind, then this is the wrong choice for you.

LoneRobe 42 inches Downwind Wind Sail Kit Kayak Wind Sail Kayak Paddle Board Accessories, Easy Setup & Deploys Quickly, Compact & Portable

While compactness and portability are the strong suits of this one, it lacks any other features. Instead, this one has got everything packed up in it.

  • Durable and sturdy- When you are in the water, you want the best safety possible. This one, with its sturdy material, assures you the perfect safety you need. Even in high wind conditions, this can hold up quite strong. Furthermore, it maintains its shape throughout everything. As a result, your kayak stays stable on the water without causing any trouble at all.
  • Easy setup and quick deploy- This kayak sail is so easy to set up that you can do it all alone. And the best part is the quick deployment of the sail. So you won’t need to put too much effort into this to set this one up.
  • Usability- When it’s about usability, this is the very best you can get. It has got clips that help you sail the kayak forward. You just have to hold the clips, and that’s it. And if you want to stop, you just lay it down. Then there is the clear window option. This lets you see what’s behind your kayak so you can have better vision in the water.
LoneRobe 42 inches Downwind Wind Sail Kit Kayak Wind Sail Kayak Paddle Board Accessories, Easy Setup & Deploys Quickly, Compact & Portable


  • The material you get on this one is solid and sturdy. 
  • You can set this up very easily.
  • This one is very quickly deployable.
  • It comes with excellent and straightforward controls that use straps and clips.
  • You get protection from UV rays too. 


  • The seams on the edges aren’t that great.
  • It doesn’t come with any instructions.

Since there are no instructions, it’s not a beginner-friendly sail. However, the performance and quality are pretty suitable for kayaking.

Dyna-Living Kayak Sails, 42" Durable Kayak Wind Sail Foldable Downwind Kayak Sail Kit Upwind Wind Paddle Sail for Kayak Boat Sailboat Canoe

Are you someone who loves to have all the premium products out there? Then you will love this one as well. The thing about premium products is that they come with quality over anything else. And along with the quality, you get some extra stuff on this one.

  • High-quality build- The first attraction of this kayak sail is the quality material they use in it. And it’s not just the material that provides quality; the whole build is of high quality. In this kayak, you get triple-stitch seams that ensure strength against heavy winds. To top things off, the perimeter batten on this comes with solid materials.
  • Ensures your protection- While you are kayaking in the sun, UV rays can be fatal to your skin. But with this one, you can take off the pressure from your skin quite a bit because it comes with UV radiation protection. And for your safety concerns, you can blindly rely on the metal carabiners you get on this one.
  • Compact packing- No need to worry about carrying this sail with you. It can fit into a 15.35-inch pouch. You will get that pouch in the packaging. Adding to that comes the lightweight built on this. So, you can just relax and carry it wherever you want.
Dyna-Living Kayak Sails, 42" Durable Kayak Wind Sail Foldable Downwind Kayak Sail Kit Upwind Wind Paddle Sail for Kayak Boat Sailboat Canoe


  • In this kayak sail, you get premium materials and build quality.
  • You won’t have any issues with your vision due to the wide viewing angle.
  • This one can protect you from Ultraviolet radiation with ease.
  • You can easily set this up and use it without any trouble at all.
  • Carrying this sail becomes so easy with the pouch you get in the package.


  • This sail is expensive.
  • The plastic ring is a bit fragile.

Anyone who likes to use premium stuff can get a load of this. However, it comes with quality and performance with a bit of extra expense.

Kayak Downwind Wind Sail, 42" Foldable Paddle Board Rowing Windsurfing w/Clear Clear Window for Kayaks, Canoes, Inflatables, Tandems and Expedition Boats Instant Sail

If you are a beginner peddler, then this is the perfect thing for a sailing kayak. It’s effortless to use and also very safe. Apart from that, there are some other beginner-friendly features to look at.

  • Ease of usage- As a beginner, you would want something easy to set up and use. Well, this fulfills that promise properly. It’s pretty simple to put this on your kayak. And the vision of this is also beginner-friendly due to the large window on the back.
  • Good quality material- If you are new to kayaking, then it can be daunting at times. For that, you would want to have a sail that gives you the most safety. And the best safety comes from the best material. With this one, you get a solid and sturdy wind sail for your kayak and protection from UV rays as well.
  • Value for money- No beginner would want to spend a whole lot of money on a kayak sail. The idea sounds absurd to them. Keeping that thought in mind, the company provides this kayak sail at the best value.
Kayak Downwind Wind Sail, 42" Foldable Paddle Board Rowing Windsurfing w/Clear Clear Window for Kayaks, Canoes, Inflatables, Tandems and Expedition Boats Instant Sail


  • This is a very beginner-friendly kayaking sail due to the ease of setup and usage. 
  • The materials on this sail are of high-grade quality.
  • It comes at a very reasonable price.
  • It has got foldability which makes it easy to carry.
  • The sail features a large window on the back for better vision. 


  • The heavy wind might cause some problems for this one. 
  • This is not an excellent option for advanced kayakers. 

This can be the best option for any beginner out there, whether you consider the ease of usage or the reasonable price. It’s perfect in every way.

If you are looking for a fishing kayak sail, this is the best you can get. Anyone who has experience of kayaking will love to have this sail. Because of all the features, it comes with.

  • Heavy-duty construction- The advanced kayakers love to go hard on the water with their kayaking. To keep up with that, you will need a sail that can hold up to their standards. And this one does that flawlessly. This can give you a sturdy and robust experience of kayaking all over.
  • Extra power with easy sailing- This is the reason people will love kayaking with this sail on. It comes with some extra power that can give you an unforgettable experience of kayaking. But that doesn’t meddle in with the maneuverability of this one at all. You can easily control the sailing without any extra effort at all.
  • Easy and quick takedown- There is zero struggle involved in getting this sail down. You won’t have to go through all the troubling processes you might have to do with other sails. So, no more being stuck on the water while controlling the sail. Having trouble? Just get the sail down and paddle your way to the shores.


  • It comes with solid and durable construction.
  • The maneuverability on this one is very much commendable.
  • The sail is very easy to put up and takedown.
  • It has got some power boost that gives you a fulfilling kayaking experience.
  • Advanced kayakers will love to use this sail on their kayak.


  • It’s pretty expensive, especially for beginners.
  • You can only use this on a hard-shell non-inflatable kayak. 

With high-quality performance and a satisfying kayaking experience, this is a sail for the experts. However, those who have spent a lot of time kayaking will enjoy using this sail. It’s a perfect addition to any advance kayakers inventory.

Frequently Asked Question

Here are some common question people often ask about kayak sails-

Q1: Do I need to have a kayak sail?

A: Kayak sails aren’t mandatory for kayaking. But they can be convenient if you are on long paddling trips. They can help you from tiring your arms out.

Q2: How to fold up a kayak sail?

A: To fold a kayak sail, you have to create an “8” shape. The shape should have one big circle and one small circle. Then you do the same thing from the upper part of the sail. You will see both the circles joining in the middle, and you will get 3 circular rings.

Q3: What’s the best material for kayak sail?

A: There is no perfect material for kayak sails. Different ones work differently. If you need efficiency, then go for plastic sails. For durability, you can choose cloth sails.

Q4: How fast does a kayak go with sails on?

A: If you install a quality sail on your kayak, then you can see a speed increment of 5 to 6 mph in your kayak.

Q5: Can I make my kayak sail?

A: You can make DIY kayak sails. The easiest DIY kayak sail would be using an umbrella. However, making a kayak sail will involve various aspects to get the proper functionality.

Final Words

Well, there you go, I tried to give you all there is to know about buying a kayak sail. Through personal experience and a lot of research, I sorted out the best kayak sail you can find out there. Surely there are a lot of options you can still go and look for. But make sure to go through the considerations before making a buying decision.

As for the sails I talked about, they all come with excellent quality. I tried to keep the products dedicated mostly to the beginner and intermediate kayakers. So, if you are someone like that you will surely get a lot of benefit from them, I can assure you that.

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