SUP exercises- A More Engaging and Enjoyable Method For Health and Fitness

sup exercises

Last updated on September 2, 2022

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Want to try paddling your way on rivers, seas, and lakes but not fond of large watercrafts such as kayaks or canoes? It would be best if you tried standup paddle boarding then. Shorted as SUP, standup paddle boarding is an activity that significantly fits those who want to cruise without bringing bulky things with them. You can workout SUP exercises.

SUP’s aren’t necessarily smaller in size than the average kayaks or canoes. However, their straightforward design allows for more effortless loading to the car roof rack. You can even transport a large SUP board without using a trolley.

Are we so feeling jumpy to buy a SUP paddleboard? Wait for a second. Just like kayaking and canoeing, SUP gives several benefits. Let’s discuss the significant ones in this article.

Should You Try SUP For Fitness?

SUP is similar to surfing in specific ways. For example, you have to work to maintain your balance on the board. Doing so requires frequent weight shifting and adjusting of your standing position. You’ll also have to mind the paddle, which isn’t very light for determining which direction to go.

And if surfing and fitness correlate, so does SUP and fitness.

Maintaining balance is even harder on rockier waters. This isn’t bad. Rockier water means that you have to exert more effort on keeping yourself stable on the standup paddleboard. This puts your core to work and shapes the abdominal muscles.

Many say that riding a SUP provides the benefits that planking gives. However, it’s more enjoyable because you’re not only exercising but also having the right cruise.

SUP is great for building leg strength too. You’re standing and maintaining your footing on the SUP board all the time. Continuous standing helps to strengthen leg muscles. It does miracles for the knees too. Furthermore, it sharpens the thighs which women would want.

So how many calories will you burn by SUP? Riding the SUP board for 1-hour burns about 300-400 calories. The calories that you burn via SUP are a lot higher than calories burnt after doing a workout consisting of push-ups, curl-ups, planking, etc.

Does SUP Make You Healthy?

Many also inquire about SUP and health. Does SUP boost my vitals? Will I experience if I spend too much time doing SUP? Do I have to take pills for it to be more effective for fitness?. These are some of the questions that the unfamiliar have.

SUP boosts vitamin D levels. Riding the SUP board means that you have to expose yourself to the sun. And frequent exposure to sunlight helps your body produce more vitamin D. Vitamin D contributes to better bone structure and health. Therefore, SUP is an ideal exercise for those who want to avoid osteoporosis and other related conditions.

Your mental health benefits from SUP too. SUP is a delightful activity. Being on the SUP board is a very breezy and care-free experience. Moreover, locations for doing SUP are filled with sceneries that relax the mind. If you want to escape from stress, SUP is an option.

SUP is a low-impact recreational activity. Being low impact, SUP puts your muscles to work but doesn’t strain them. SUP is very friendly to the body and won’t risk your injuries. But at the same time, it provides the benefits that high-impact recreational activities offer.

What Are Some SUP Exercises for Beginners?

Here are some of the simple SUP exercises that help you burn calories and get your bearing on the board at the same time.

Stand Up – Plank Position Exercise

This exercise is fundamental. To dong this, you won’t have to use the paddle. All you need is to get the SUP board floating and ride on it. Do these afterward:

  • Stand erect on the paddleboard. Place your feet a bit apart from each other to ensure balance.
  • Raise your hands high up toward the sky. Inhale and exhale five times.
  • Proceed to do a planking position. Maintain this for 30 seconds
  • Do step 2 again and proceed to step 3. Keep doing the cycle for at least 16 counts.

SUP Torso and Arm Exercise Using The Paddle

This exercise helps to shape your torso and arms. It also allows you build arm strength to use the SUP paddle efficiently. Here are what you have to do:

  • Assume a kneeling position. Place the right of the left knee on the paddleboard. The other knee should have a higher position with the feet placed in front of the torso.
  • Pick the paddle in front of you and raise it at shoulder level. Arms should be straightened and not bent.
  • Start moving the arms from side to side.
  • Put the paddle back on the SUP board.
  • Return to step 2 and proceed to the next steps. Keep doing the cycle for 16 counts.


Try SUP if you’re looking for a recreational activity that’s fun and highly beneficial. It will shape and build your body. Furthermore, it’s not as dangerous as other watersports. It might be cheaper too. With that being said, get a SUP board now to be fitter and healthier!

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