All About Gertrude Fish- The Spotted Blue Eye Rainbow Fish

Gertrude fish

Last updated on August 21, 2022

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Do you like to fish? Then surely you should have ideas about different species of fish. Do you know about Gertrude fish?

Some people know about this fish. But most people don't have enough idea about this fish. As a fish lover, you need to gather knowledge about this fish.

Gertrude fish is also known as the species of rainbow fish. It has a lot of features and benefits. However, you can eat this fish.

So, are you interested in knowing more about Gertrude fish? I will try to give detailed information about this fish in this article. So, let's dive into the article.

What is Gertrude Fish?

Gertrude fish are very small and cute fish. However, this is a popular fish for aquariums. Besides, It is a species of rainbow fish. You cannot find this fish in every place in the world.

And, this fish is commonly found in Guinea, Indonesia, and North Australia. Gertrude's fish size is very small, but it is a colorful fish.

Moreover, this small fish is not widespread. It comes from the steam in five different areas. But this fish is mainly popular for aquarium fish.

Because its behavior is very peaceful. They can easily adapt to freshwater. But saltwater is difficult to adopt for Gertrude fish.

Overview of Gertrude Fish

Gertrude fish are known as blue eye fish. However, it is not possible to understand it from a long distance. When you see the fish from the nearest, you will know why it is called blue eye fish. Gertrude fish has blue fluorescent eyes. This eye is very visible and easy to spot.

Male Gertrude fish have a yellow-green color blush, and females have orange blush. However, you can see this in the deeper of the tail. Male fish have yellow wings, which are similar to pectoral fins.

Besides, Pectoral fins are very feather. Female fish have a shorter fin. However, all these fish are covered with spots. But male fish are more colorful than female fish.

Moreover, the anal fins and dorsal of male fish are extended. And this can be the fan with maturity. However, the size of adult Gertrude fish is more than one inch.

However, male fish love to show their dominance. That's why it flares dorsal, pectoral, and anal fins. After maturity, it can be brighter.

Where does Gertrude fish love to live?

Gertrude fish is preferred to live in the shallow, marginal area of freshwater. However, it also includes marshes, swamps, creeks, muddy bottoms, and small sandy and shady rainforests.

And the large river adjacent to the overflow. It must be 60 cm deep, and the water pH must be between 5.5 to 6.7.

This fish likes to live near sunken trees. However, it is also suitable for aquariums. Because they love to live in the aquarium.

Besides, the water temperature in the aquarium must reach 23-30 degrees Celsius. And water hardness needs 80-210 ppm in the aquarium.

Moreover, these fish cannot live in all types of aquariums. Especially, immature aquariums are not suitable for them.

However, they need well-oxygenated water. Although they prefer to live on clear water, they prefer muddy water.

They especially like water with planets. Because Gertrude fish grow faster in this environment. And floating planets are perfect for them. However, you will see these fish more often in aquariums. And these are very peaceful fish. It isn't easy to find this in lots of water.

The Behavior of Gertrude Fish

Gertrude's fish behavior is very peaceful. But sometimes, they express uncertainty. And they are not suitable for general aquariums. However, you have to take a medium size aquarium for this fish. Otherwise, this fish will feel uncomfortable.

Moreover, Gertrude fish are very timid fish. However, these fish are prone when they are startled. It is similar to human behavior. You have to keep this fish with a similar size, disposition, and requirements.

Furthermore, Gertrude fish tend to move in groups. You must keep the 8-10 species of Gertrude fish. However, it reduces the nervousness of the Gertrude fish.

Size of a Gertrude Fish

Gertrude is a very small fish. It is known as the species of rainbow fish. After maturity, male and female Gertrude fish sizes are the same.

However, the average size of this fish is 1.2 inches to 1.5 inches. Besides, their average length is 3.8 cm. So, the size of a Gertrude fish is smaller than other fish.

Recommended Tank Parameters of Gertrude Fish

You must follow some things when you think you must keep your Gertrude fish in the aquarium. Because you need to follow some rules for tank parameters. There are some recommended tank parameters for this fish.

However, it would be best if you created your tank temperature of 72-82 degrees Fahrenheit. That means 22-28 degrees Celsius.

However, the water pH must be 4.5-7.5. And water must be between 12-15 DKH. And also, you need a minimum 10-gallon size.

So, you must fulfill this requirement if you want to keep this fish in your aquarium. Otherwise, the fish cannot survive the environment.

Spawning Period of Gertrude Fish

While spawning, Gertrude fish look very interesting. The process of spawning is very easy. It is a continuous process.

However, they spawned late in the morning and were born early in the afternoon. Besides, the male fish find the location of spawning. And quickly go to the spawning location to attract the female fish.

Moreover, the male fish try to attract him. That's why he keeps his dorsal and anal fins. It can make him impressive and strong. However, spawning in the aquarium is different from a natural place.

Because in the aquarium, you must make a comfortable place for Gertrude's fish. So, it would be best if you made an artificial environment for fish.

You can take a nylon yarn for spawning mops. This spawning mop has different colors. But green is preferable. It is the same as grass. But Gertrude fish is a bottom spawner. So, it is better to place mops under the aquarium.

Furthermore, female adult Gertrude fish can lay ten eggs per week. However, this fish fry is quickly growing. This fry becomes an adult in three months. This small fish's average lifespan is one year.

What do they eat?

In the behavior, Gertrude fish are omnivorous. However, this fish loves to eat high-quality flakes and dry food. Besides, Gertrude fish should be fed plenty of small frozen foods. It is the best for optimal health and coloration.

As you know, this fish is very timid, so you have to take care of it perfectly. However, small invertebrates are one of the important parts of their diet.

And they can easily feed on small food, fish flakes, shrimp, etc. Besides, this fish also eats insect larvae, crustaceans, leaf insects, etc.

But they eat supplemental food with crushed flakes in the aquarium. However, you don't need to spend extra money. Because this fish cannot eat lots of food at the moment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gertrude fish aggressive?

There is no record that these fish are aggressive. However, most fish experts are doing experiments with these fish. And they cannot record any aggressive behavior from this tiny fish. So, you can easily take this fish to your aquarium.

When Is the best time to catch Gertrude?

You can catch this fish any time when you wish. But try to avoid catching them during their spawning time as it is a crucial time for them. However, this can hamper their life. So, avoid those times and catch another time.

Is it safe to eat Gertrude fish?

Yes, this is fully safe to eat Gertrude fish. But it is safe when you are fully prepared. However, this is a very important food in your diet plan. Because here some food elements are: mega 3, vitamins B6, B12, potassium, and protein. It is essential for your body. This fish can control your high blood pressure. And also can improve your muscle strength.

Moreover, Gertrude fish can prevent some acute diseases. These are dementia, depression, bipolar disorder, etc. It can decrease heart diseases. You can also explore the best pans for cooking fish to enjoy the best test of this fish.

What diseases are they prone to?

They can face many different types of diseases. However, it can cause general bacteria, skin flukes, parasitic infections, and ichthyobodo infection.

Where can you find Gertrude fish?

You cannot find Gertrude fish everywhere in the world. However, you can find this fish in some specific places. But these fish are commonly found in New Guinea, Indonesia, and northern Australia. You can also find this fish in other places.

Ending Thought

So, in this article, I will give you detailed information about Gertrude fish. Most of the fish lovers requested me to tell them about this fish. That's why I'm writing this article.

These fish are very tiny and timid. And, you can take this for your aquarium. Because it can add extra beauty to your aquarium. So, purchase this fish for extra beauty.

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