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Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS

Last updated on August 20, 2022

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You should try kayak fishing if you're becoming tired of basic kayaking. It's an enjoyable activity that will innovate your definition of fun when it comes to kayaking. Fishing gives you an objective while riding the kayak. If you're kayaking on a river, you may opt to head towards calmer waters to find bass, carp, or yellow perch. You could also head towards the rapids to catch fishes that love swimming near turbulent waters.

So what's a right fishing kayak? Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS Kayak might be one. This product piqued my curiosity, so I got it first hand. Today, I'll be giving my impressions about this product's features, performance, and functions.

By the way, I did a review about Sun Dolphin Aruba 10. You might want to read it if you're looking for an excellent recreational kayak.

Sun Dolphin Journey SS 10 General Info

Sun Dolphin Journey SS 10 is a fishing kayak. Nonetheless, most of Sun Dolphin Journey SS 10 features make it an excellent recreational kayak and beginner's whitewater kayak. This product's sibling is Sun Dolphin Journey 12 SS kayak that's also filled with features that cater to kayak fishing needs.

SUNDOLPHIN Sun Dolphin Journey Sit-on-top Fishing Kayak (Sand, 10-Feet)
  • Great for lakes and rivers and to get to those excluded fishing spots
  • Lightweight, easy to carry
  • Tracks and paddles with ease while offering maximum stability
  • P.A.C. (Portable Accessory Carrier)
  • Two flush mount and one swivel fishing rod holders

Journey SS 10 might be the shortest kayak from Sun Dolphin. Sun Dolphin Excursion has a length of 292 cm and beats Sun Dolphin SS 10's length by 1 cm. On the other hand, Sun Dolphin Boss 12 measures 375 cm and beats this product's length by 84 cm. Lastly, Sun Dolphin Journey 12 SS measures 364 cm and is longer than Sun Dolphin Journey SS 10 by 73 cm.

Sun Dolphin SS 10 looks a bit similar to Sun Dolphin 12 SS. You might get confused between the two as a result. Still, Sun Dolphin Journey SS 10 and Journey 12 SS have one key difference. The latter has a more dynamic color tone than the latter. Sun Dolphin Journey SS 10 is a more noticeable kayak than Sun Dolphin Journey 12 SS.

Sun Dolphin Journey SS 10 is made out of UV-resistant material. This kayak is new to me, but I'm pretty sure that the UV-resistant material will make it last an average of 5 or 8 years. Given that it's maintained well, Sun Dolphin Journey SS 10's lifetime might reach ten years.

The design of Sun Dolphin Journey SS 10 might appeal to men. It has a sleek design that caters to speed. Its look reminds me of Intex Explorer K2 and Intex Challenger K2 inflatable kayaks. However, I prefer the design of Sun Dolphin Journey SS 10 compared to the two because it has additional details that provide a sporty feel. This product is also okay if you're a woman. Its design allows for lightweight kayak riding.

By the way, I reviewed Intex Explorer K2 and Intex Challenger K2 recently. Read my review on these kayaks for you to get third party opinion before buying an inflatable kayak.

Sun Dolphin Journey SS 10 is a large kayak, so its cockpit has plenty of room. For this reason, it can act as a makeshift tandem kayak if children want to tag along. Also, a full cockpit means that Sun Journey SS 10 is an excellent kayak for big guys. Undoubtedly, big guys riding this kayak won't cramp their legs or stiffen their shoulders, body, or arms.

Lastly, you can ride Sun Dolphin Journey SS 10 in lakes, class 1-2 rapids, and seas. Nevertheless, you should know that this product's performance excels for kayaking in lakes. Also, it's weight capacity is pretty good for a single fishing kayak. Rest assured that you can load Sun Dolphin Journey10 SS with kayaking and fishing equipment without worrying about buoyancy.

Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS Review

SUNDOLPHIN Sun Dolphin Journey Sit-on-top Fishing Kayak (Olive, 10-Feet)

Color Tone

Sun Dolphin Journey SS 10 uses bright or slightly dark brown base color tone. Furthermore, this base color tone is lined with patterns that give Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS a luxurious look. Don't worry if you don't like this design. Sun Dolphin Journey SS 10 is also available in plain bright or light dark brown color.

This product's coating doesn't reflect light very well. For this reason, you should expect that Sun Journey 10 SS isn't very discernible at seas, lakes, and rivers. I recommend that you wear green PFD when riding this kayak. This is because the base color tones of bright or light dark brown make any green objects appear.


Sun Dolphin Journey SS 10 has a build that's reminiscent to Intex kayaks. It features a narrow hull and highly pointed stern and bow. However, Sun Dolphin Journey SS 10 might beat Intex kayaks' design because it comes with embossments on its siding, bow, and stern. It is these embossments that add a sporty feel to Sun Dolphy Journey SS 10 Kayak.

In connection, a narrow hull and highly pointed stern and bow allow this kayak to cruise fast without wobbling.


Manufacturers designed the cockpit of Sun Dolphin Journey SS 10 for spacious riding. The cockpit of this kayak takes most of its length. There's a lot of room for the legs and arms. This is possible because the seat is installed near the stern. As a result, Sun Dolphin Journey SS 10 has a platform that you can even walk on.

Weight & Capacity

This kayak's maximum weight capacity is 250 pounds. Pair this with the well-designed cockpit, and Sun Dolphin Journey SS 10 becomes an excellent kayak for big guys. This kayak's stability doesn't change significantly, even if it bears a lot of weight. If you're big, you shouldn't think twice about checking this kayak out.

This kayak weighs 44 pounds. Sun Dolphin Journey SS 10 is pretty light, considering that it's a polyethylene-based fishing kayak. However, carrying this product by yourself is pretty hard. Also, transporting it from one location to the next will be difficult if your car doesn't have the right storage equipment for kayaks. I recommend you buy a car roof rack and a kayak trolley if you wish to get Sun Dolphin Journey SS 10.

In connection, Sun Dolphin Journey SS 10 measures 291 cm. It's pretty short for a fishing kayak. Still, this kayak's length will do if you're looking for a fishing kayak that's easy to transport and maneuver.

Sun Dolphin Journey SS 10 doesn't have any issues about its color, build, carrying capacity, and size. In terms of this, I give this kayak five stars.

Notable Features

  • Rugged High-Density Polyethylene Material
  • Self Bailing Function
  • Multiple Storage Options
  • Adjustable Foot Braces
  • Rold Holder Options

Like Sun Dolphin Aruba 10, this kayak is also made out of Rugged High-Density UV Resistant Polyethylene. This polyethylene material is exclusive to Sun Dolphin's kayaks only. With UV resistant polyethylene, Sun Dolphin Journey SS 10 can withstand deformation that heat causes. Furthermore, the Rugged High-Density UV Resistant Polyethylene material allows you to store this kayak for a month without cover.

Sun Dolphin Journey SS 10 is a fishing kayak, so I expected it to have a self-bailing function. Nevertheless, its drain valves are very surprising. Dirt and small debris that are present in water don't clog them. Also, the cockpit stays very dry because the drain valves are highly efficient. Some kayaks have drain valves that allow a bit of water to settle on the water before draining. This is not the case with Sun Dolphin Journey SS 10. It's drain valves suck water immediately for the feet not to get wet.

The storage options of Sun Dolphin are superb. This kayak has a lot of parts that you can use to store things. For instance, the cockpit is full enough for you to bring baits, drinks, and food. Also, there's a storage compartment at the stern that you can use to keep a phone and other devices dry. As a bonus, removing this storage compartment reveals an extra storage compartment for you to store caught fish or other objects.

In connection, there's also a cord at the stern. You can't hold this cord whenever Sun Dolphin Journey SS 10 shakes. However, this cord is useful because it holds the removable storage and the contents of the hidden compartment.

Near the seat are foot braces that manufacturers installed on the siding of Sun Dolphin Journey SS 10's cockpit. You can adjust these foot braces to allow for more legroom. The foot braces become very handy when you're railing fish in. They provide an excellent footing for you to hold your ground firmly.

You may even opt to pull the foot braces near for comfort. When adjusted at a close distance, you can use the foot braces to relax your hurting legs.

For me, Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS is a must-have for kayak fishers because it comes with 3-rod holders. Two of its holders are flush mount holders that manufacturers placed on the bow. The other rod holder is a swivel rod holder that you can find on the embossment in front of the seat. The swivel turns well and is useful for catching dominant fishes such as bass, trout, sunfish, and catfish. On the other hand, the flush rod holders on the stern are useful for catching smaller fishes.

Sun Dolphin Journey SS 10 would have been a perfect fishing kayak if its seat was more comfortable. I was not impressed with its seats. As a result, I give the features of this product, four stars.


I tested this kayak on a lake, moderately rapid river, and a nearby beach. Here's how this product performed on each.

Sun Dolphin Journey SS 10's performance on lakes spoke truly about the manufacturers' claims. Kayaking with this product on lakes is a breeze. It reacts fast but is heavy enough to hold itself against the wind. I paddled hard to gain speed, and I discovered that this kayak remained pretty stable no matter how fast it went. Kayak fishing on the lake is pretty good. Sun Dolphin Journey SS 10 didn't wobble or shake no matter how hard I swung or pulled the fishing rod.

Whitewater kayaking with Sun Dolphin Journey SS 10 is okay on a moderately rapid river. The stability of this product remained the same as I was reaching the entrance of the whitewater. However, stability started to decrease when I was traversing the main flow near rocks. Evading rocks and other debris wasn't very easy. Also, I did a small drop with this kayak. I was fortunate that it only attempted to capsize. In summary, you may use Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS as a whitewater kayak, but be sure to check for rocks and massive drops.

Sea kayaking and fishing were excellent. Small to moderate waves don't cause Sun Dolphin Journey SS 10 to capsize. However, Sun Dolphin Journey SS 10 sits pretty low, so water gets into the cockpit. Still, I didn't fret about this because the drain valves got me covered.

As I said earlier, you might have to wear a bright colored PFD for kayaking with Sun Dolphin Journey SS 10. This is especially true when riding this kayak at sea.

Sun Dolphin Journey SS 10 will perform well at lakes, moderately rapid rivers, and seas. I give this product's performance as five stars.

Should There Be Improvements?

Sun Dolphin is an excellent kayak for kayak fishing, whitewater kayaking, and recreational kayaking. Nevertheless, I think that there are some aspects of it that manufacturers have to improve.

Firstly, I wish that this kayak comes with a removable skeg. A removable skeg would provide this kayak with absolute stability regardless of which bodies of water it's cruising at.

Secondly, the manufacturers have to redesign the seat. The seat padding and backrest aren't comfortable. After using this Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS for quite some time, I have to replace the default seat with a new seat to maximize comfort.

Lastly, I think that manufacturers might have to put reflectors on this kayak. The brown color finish of this product doesn't provide a lot of visibility and powerboats might overrun it.

Concluding Thoughts

If you're looking for a way to mix up your kayaking experience, I highly recommend giving fishing a try. Sun Journey 10 SS is a fishing kayak that will be a great purchase for beginners and seasoned kayakers. I suggest that you buy this product if you're planning to learn kayak fishing after learning the basics of kayaking. Having this product means that you won't have to switch from one kayak to next.

Sun Dolphin 10 SS is a dynamic kayak. It's a great way to spend time outdoors and catch some delicious dinner in the process. Make sure you do your research before purchasing a fishing kayak, as not all of them are created equal. I hope you have as much fun on the water as I did!

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