Intex Challenger K2 Kayak | Is It Good Enough?

Intex Challenger K2

Last updated on August 20, 2022

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Intex kayaks are making noise among kayaking communities lately. One of Intex's popular kayaks is Intex Challenger K2 Kayak. Some say that it's a right inflatable kayak for kayaking on class 1 rapids. Also, other uses tell that they bought this kayak due to its powerful functions.

The good reviews of this kayak intrigued my curiosity so much. For this reason, I bought this kayak myself to try and test it first hand. This article is my take about this product. I can't say that I did the review for you. Nevertheless, stay here if you're looking for an unbiased review of the kayak.

INTEX 68306EP Challenger K2 Inflatable Kayak Set: Includes Deluxe 86in Kayak Paddles and High-Output...
  • SUPER-STRONG – SuperStrong enhanced molecular formulation PVC...
  • LOW PROFILE DESIGN – The Challenger K2 has a streamlined low-profile...
  • COCKPIT SEATS – Built with removable and adjustable seats, the...
  • REMOVABLE SKEG – Attached to the underside of the kayak, the...
  • 2-PERSON CAPACITY – Inflated size is 11.6 feet x 2.6 feet x 1.3 feet...

What is Intex Challenger K2 Kayak?

This is a two-person sit inside inflatable kayak. It's a two-person version of the Intex Challenger K1 Kayak. It has some modify features that Intex Challenger K1 doesn't have. In my opinion, Intex Challenger K2 is filled with features that make it perfect for two-person use.

That might be the biggest out of all Intex Kayaks. Its size is more significant than Intex Challenger K1. That said, it might be inappropriate for you to ask if Intex has other kayaks that are larger. Still, stay tuned because Intex might be making a kayak bigger than this soon.

Intex Challenger K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars and High Output Air-Pump, Grey/Blue (68306NP)

Fishing kayak, recreational kayak, whitewater kayak, and sea kayak, these are the other categories that kayak falls under. Furthermore, this might also be a good beginner kayak because it supports comfortable and safe usage.

I tried researching about the average lifetime of this kayak. However, all I found on the web was a mix of different opinions from different users. Some say that Intex Challenger lasted for 3 years. Others say that it went busted right after they used it for the first time.

Manufacturers say that this is made from heavy-duty puncture-resistant vinyl. If this is true, then this kayak might be one of the most durable inflatable kayaks in the market today.

In general, Intex K2 looks pretty similar to other Intex kayaks. The only difference with it is that it comes with the necessary features for two-person use. Its weight capacity is the same as Intex Excursion Pro, Intex Explorer K2, and Dakota k2. Furthermore, you can consider the kayak as one of Intex's most cumbersome kayaks. It comes second to Intex Excursion Pro, which weighs 39.01 pounds.

Let's Review Intex Challenger K2 Kayak

Color Tone 

This kayak is only available in a single color; bright green mixed with a shade of black. The green color tone is used on the top portion of its bow. On the other hand, black color dominates its stern and hull. The green color tone makes it highly visible on the water. Black color destroys the visibility that the green color tone gives. And this made me wonder why manufacturers have to incorporate black on the Kayak.

The combination of green and black color makes this kayak highly visible on blue colored waters. However, visibility is poor in rivers and lakes that have greenish or brownish waters. Thus, you have to wear bright clothes or PFDs when riding it in these types of water.


The deflated size of the kayak is small. You can fold Intex Challenger K2 well, and it will fit in any type of bag aside from its free carrying bag. The size of this product is 11 feet when fully deflated. The size of Intex Challenger K2 isn't very large considering that it's a two-person kayak. Still, its cockpit has enough space for two normal-sized adults to ride.

You need to know that this product isn't an excellent kayak for big guys. The cockpit has enough space for average-sized people. Plus-size individuals who ride the kayak at the same time might feel cramped. However, the cockpit packs enough space for a single plus size person. That said, it is a right kayak if massive dudes use it as an only person kayak.


Intex Challenger K2 weighs 33.53 pounds when fully inflated. It's heavier than Intex Challenger K1 by 9.63 pounds. Furthermore, it's lighter than Intex Excursion Pro BY 5.48 pounds. This kayak bears weight, so you shouldn't inflate this at home. I recommend that you fill it with air at the docking point of the kayaking location that you're visiting.

In my opinion, Intex Challenger K2 might be one of the most cumbersome inflatable two-person tandem kayaks in the market today.


Lastly, the design of the Challenger K2 follows Intex's streamlined standards. That said, filling this kayak with air reveals a narrow and sleek design. The streamlined design of Intex Challenger K2 makes it very easy to lift. Furthermore, it allows for speed, excellent tracking, and precise navigation while you're riding.

The Carrying Bag

I didn't forget to review the carrying bag that comes with this kayak. Manufacturers finished the carrying bag of Intex Challenger K2 with gray. The carrying bag is waterproof, so you won't have to dry Intex Challenger K2 after deflating to prevent dripping. Also, the bag has a set of durable handles that allows you to carry it with ease.

The space of the carrying bag is okay. There's no need for you to fold Intex Challenger K2 well before putting it in. Since the bag space is expansive, you can also put other things inside.

The material that's used for the bag isn't odor-free. So be sure to take the contents out and clean it after getting home. Though not odor-free, the bag is highly resistant to chemicals for laundry. Using laundry detergents or bleach won't make the carrying bag of Intex Challenger lose color or tensile strength.

You should think twice about cleaning the carrying bag with a washing machine. The power of the washing machine might be enough to remove dirt or stains that stick to it. The best way to clean the carrying bag free form fungus, dirt, and stains is through manual brushing. Also, remember not to dry it with too much with sunlight because the Intex graphics embedded on it might fade.

Features of Intex Challenger K2

Intex Challenger K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars and High Output Air-Pump, Grey/Blue (68306NP)

These are the notable features of Intex Challenger K2 that impressed me:

  • I-Beam Flooring
  • Grab Line on Stern and Bow
  • Adjustable Inflatable Seats
  • Cargo Net
  • Removable Skeg
  • Repair Patch

I'll talk about the I beam flooring first. The I-Beam construction provides Intex Challenger K2 with flooring that's comfortable on the feet. Intex Challenger K2's I-Beam flooring isn't bouncy or too soft. The flooring is hard enough for you to stand without losing balance while this kayak is cruising along the water. Also, the I-Beam flooring of Intex Challenger K2 is resistant to punctures. This makes Intex Challenger K2 a great for kayaking with pets.

Next are the adjustable inflatable seats with high backrest. I love their padding. The seat pads are very soft and will make you feel like you're sitting on a couch. However, the seats' backrests did not impress me. They don't hold the back very well and leans too much no matter how I adjust them. I suspect that this was because I'm heavy. It's probable that the backrests can't hold the weight of adults but will do great at providing comfort for young riders.

Much of Intex Challenger K2's stability relies on the removable skeg. The removable skeg prevents Intex Challenger Kayak from capsizing. Intex Challenger K2 isn't very stable when two persons are riding it at the same time, especially without the skeg. So for tandem kayaking, never forget to install it. By the way, inserting and removing the skeg is easy. All you have to do is pull or slide it at the attachment port on the underside of Intex Challenger K2.

The grab line on the stern and bow is very versatile. It can act as a carry handle that will allow you to transfer Intex Challenger K2 by hand. Furthermore, it allows for easy remount just in case you get thrown out of the cockpit. Lastly, it reinforces stability because you may hold the grab line to prevent yourself from losing balance when traversing very rapid waters.

There's a cargo net that manufacturers placed on the bow of Intex Challenger K2. You can use this to store wet clothes, water bottles, and other bulky objects. However, I do not recommend that you trust the cargo net to hold phones, cameras, and small objects. Just for you to know, the cargo net can also act as an extra grab line for the rider who seats at the front end of Intex Challenger K2.

Lastly, Intex Challenger K2 comes with a repair patch. The repair patch is handy for minor damages that Intex Challenger K2 may have. You should be careful not to confuse the repair patch with all the useless pieces of paper that this kayak may have. Remember to store that yellow piece of paper with a slightly shiny side.


Intex Challenger K2 performs well on lakes and class 1 or class 2 rapids. It boasts exceptional stability if you paddle slowly. Be careful not to paddle very hard because Intex K2 starts to shake or wobble. This is the case if you don't install the skeg.

Speed doesn't affect stability anymore when the skeg is on. The skeg ensures that you ride with balance and precision no matter how hard you paddle. Having the skeg is very important for Intex Challenger K2 because it ups speed, stability, navigation. I think that this kayak is practically useless without the skeg for this reason.

Intex Challenger does well in moderately rapid waters. However, you should prepare for the sudden wobbling or shaking that it may exhibit. Also, I suggest that you ditch the free paddles that come with Intex Challenger K2 for kayaking on rivers. The free paddles don't provide a lot of power and don't help you to steer Intex Challenger K2 with ease.

What Are Some Of Intex Challenger K2's Downsides?

Intex Challenger is a right kayak. Nevertheless, I have a few issues with it that I'll briefly discuss here.

First and foremost, I am questioning why Intex had to give Challenger K2 a touch of black color. The bright green color is perfect. Therefore, Intex Challenger K2 would have been highly visible if it was green throughout. Black color only defeats the visibility that green gives and makes Intex Challenge K2 not very visible in murky or greenish waters.

Second, the paddles of Intex Challenger K2 aren't great. I appreciate the fact that they're light and comes with ergonomic handles. However, their blades aren't too sharp and don't provide an adequate amount of force every time you paddle. This is why I recommend you to buy a separate paddle upon buying Intex Challenger K2.

Lastly, it would have been great if Intex Challenger K2 comes with lots of repair patches. The repair patches that come with this product aren't that numerous. You might have to buy additional repair patches because the free repair patches that come with Intex Challenger K2 don't stick and last for long.

What Are The Debris Things That Might Puncture Intex Challenger K2?

Intex Challenger K2 is durable. Nevertheless, you should know that it's an inflatable kayak that is not puncture-free. Here are some of the things that might damage Intex Challenger K2 in the long run.

  • pieces of floating metal
  • pointed shards of glass or plastic
  • car roof rack's protruding bolts
  • fresh floating branches of trees
  • pet bites
  • corrosion due to excessive drying

Here's a video that will teach you how to patch Intex Challenger K2 if the things that I mentioned above damage it.

Final Verdict

To end, I'll say that Intex Challenger K2 is a right kayak. Its I-Beam flooring provides a steady and balanced platform. The adjustable seats and grab lines offer comfort. Its removable skeg maximizes speed, stability, and navigation. You shouldn't hesitate to have this product if you're looking for a tandem kayak that doesn't have a lot of issues. Intex Challenger K2 kayak will make kayaking safe for you and your loved ones.

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