When You Should Discard a PFD?

when you should discard a PFD

Last updated on September 2, 2022

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Kayaking is not only an adventurous but also a risky game. Because there is a high possibility of drowning while doing this. However, it would be best if you used PFD to avoid drowning.

Besides, you have to know when the PFD needs to be discarded. But first, you must understand what PFD is. You also have to see the maintenance before learning when you should discard a PFD. It would be great if you get a suitable PFD as well.

Otherwise, it cannot give you the best support. However, you will find every detail and guide about PFD in this article. So, read the attentively to solve all your queries.

What is PFD

PFD’s full meaning is a personal floatation device. However, these are usually available in different types, sizes, and colors. It is also designed to provide more convenience and comfort than a life jacket.

However, many people consider the PDF as a life jacket. Because PFD helps you to float in the water. It also provides almost similar features like a life jacket. Nevertheless, it is slightly different from the life jacket.

Comparatively, it would be great if you used a US coast guard approved PFD. Because improper PFD can cause your boat accident. Thus, you have to know how to use PFD and when. You also must learn when to discard this PFD.

How to Choose the Right PFD

Before you know the discard a PFD, you have to choose a suitable PFD for you. Otherwise, you will get into a lot of problems. So, let’s learn the most effective way to select the right one.

1. Determine the Appropriate Size

PFD comes in different sizes and shapes and is also available for both children and adults. Besides, few designs are made for only dogs. So, you have to determine the appropriate size first that goes with you.

2. Proper Fastening

Before buying a PFD, check carefully, is it fit you well? It is also essential to tie well. However, there may be obstructions by a zipper or other ways. Without proper fastening, accidents may occur.

3. Test on the Water

Before choosing the right one, try to test the PFD on the water. Because you have to work it on the water. If this PFD doesn’t work well in the water, it will be useless. So, test it in the water to get a significant result.

When should you discard a PFD?

PFD is not always usable. Prolonged use can ruin it. It is also perilous if you use it after damage. Therefore, you have to know when you should discard a PFD. So, let’s dive into the method.

1. When it Gets Dirty

Your PFD should always be kept clean. Also, try to keep it away from dirt. Because if you don’t clean it, the dirt will accumulate and become excess. Besides, if excess dirt accumulates, it will become unusable. Therefore, a new PDF has to be replaced.

2. When it doesn’t fit

You have to choose and use a PDF that fits your body. See whether you must be fit when buying, do not take it if it does not go with you. However, if it does not fit after a prolonged use time, you have to change it quickly. Because it won’t give you proper support in the river.

3. When you find an Air Leak

Air leak is one of the most significant problems for discarding PFD. If the air leak happens, it won’t be helpful. But if the wind leaks, it will be better to change quickly.

However, you have to find the air leak by compressing the PFD unit. As a result, you can find the device leak. When you see the leak, change it quickly. Otherwise, you won’t be safe if you face any danger in the river.

4. When it Absorption Capacity Decreases

Fishers work in the water, and it is a daily job for them. For example, if you use it for kayaking, then it is different. However, since the work is in water, it can get wet. PFD has some limitations. It will support your water for a certain period. But not for a long time. Otherwise, it will lose its waterproofing ability.

Besides, you have to change whenever you realize that it has lost its waterproofing. Otherwise, it will increase the weight of the user. So, PFD should be replaced quickly.

5. When the Life Jacket Get Fades

Fading is a minor symptom of PFD. If you find the issue, PFD doesn’t become useless. However, it should consider the change. Because it involves your security. And definitely, you should never compromise safety. That’s why it is compulsory to change the PFD when it fades.

6. When the Foam Got Compressed, or the Fabric Got Ripped

Torn fabric is one of the important causes of expired PFD. However, there are both expensive and cheap PFDS in the market. That must say, expensive PFD will be long-lasting. Because they are made of solid foam, high-quality fabric, and also don’t break easily. So, if the fabrics are torn, you have to replace them immediately.

7. Punctured the CO2 Cylinder

One of the essential components of PFD is the C02 cylinder. Because a PFD on this thing can be completely useless. Suppose the cylinder surface is punctured. As a result, you cannot use PFD even if you want to. After that, accidents may happen. So, if you realize that this CO2 cylinder is punctured, then replace it quickly.


Ending Thought

I hope you understand now; when should you discard a PFD? PFD is an essential thing. Whether you are kayaking or fishing, it will support you. Because there are many risks in boat riding. However, the most dangerous threat is drowning. PFD protects you from drowning and keeps you afloat.

Moreover, over time PFD becomes useless. It may also be damaged for a few more reasons. However, it is dangerous to use the same after spoilage. So, you have to keep in mind when it should be discarded. In this article, the entire procedure of PDF replacement has been described. So, discard your PDF timely to ensure a safe kayaking adventure.

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