Lifetime vs Pelican Kayak: Which One is Better?

Lifetime vs Pelican Kayak

Last updated on September 2, 2022

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Today, many people are looking to invest money in different kinds of products. There are several factors that you need to consider when choosing these products. If you want to buy kayaks for sale, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. One of the most important considerations is what type of material it is made from. This means that you need to figure out if it is made from plastic or fiberglass.

You might be deciding between kayaks made by Lifetime and kayaks made by Pelican. Both of these companies are very well-known, so this article will discuss some of the differences between the products that come from these two manufacturers.

It’s not an easy decision to judge between a lifetime kayak and pelican. Let’s have an in-depth discussion about them!

Lifetime Kayaks

Lifetime Muskie Angler Sit-On-Top Kayak with Paddle, Tan, 120""" (90508)

Lifetime are cheaper Kayaks than Pelican Kayaks for a few reasons. They lack the ruggedness and durability of Pelican Kayaks, which is why they often cost less. However, their prices vary from model to model, and the differences in price are usually due to features added or subtracted from a particular model.

Lifetime kayaks are designed for recreational use, not rough waters or extreme conditions. They are built with comfort in mind and are less durable than Pelican Kayaks. Lifetime kayaks come at many price points, with some models capable of seating two people. Their designs allow them to fit into fiberglass-body and inflatable kayak categories.


  • They are cheap and simple.
  • Lifetime kayaks’ designs allow for many models of different sizes and styles to accommodate a variety of people and uses.
  • Their small size and lightweight materials make them easier to transport.


  • Lifetime kayaks are less durable than Pelican Kayaks, so they can’t withstand dangerous weather or water conditions.


Lifetime kayaks are usually made of plastic, which makes them cheaper than Pelican Kayaks. Their decking is slightly more waterproof, and they come in a wider range of bright colors. They’re also more versatile and can fit into many different body styles, such as fiberglass and inflatable.

Pelican Kayaks

Pelican Sit-on-Top Kayak - Sentinel 100X - 9.5 Feet - Lightweight one Person Kayak (EXO Neptune White, Recreational) (MEF10P100-00)

Pelican Kayaks are rugged, durable, and made to last. They are designed with rough waters in mind, so they can endure the test of time. Their prices vary from model to model, with the difference in cost usually due to added features. Some Pelican Kayaks are designed for two people to sit in.


  • Pelican Kayaks are durable, so they’re made to last.
  • These types of kayaks come with features that make them more functional than Lifetime kayaks, such as the ability to convert into a standing kayak.
  • Their designs make them more versatile and useful for people who want to use them in rough waters.


  • Pelican Kayaks are more expensive than Lifetime kayaks and their outer materials aren’t as comfortable.
  • They’re also heavier and larger than Lifetime kayaks, making them less portable.


Pelican Kayaks are usually made of hard plastic (EPS), which makes them more durable and functional than Lifetime kayaks. They’re also designed with features that make them more versatile, such as the ability to convert into a standing kayak and attach equipment. Pelican kayaks come in many colors, but the color tends to fade over time. They also come with handles on the sides for transportation purposes.

Lifetime vs Pelican Kayak- The comparisons

One thing to keep in mind about boats made by Pelican is that they are made of fiberglass. This might be one of the most important things to think about if you are planning on using the kayak out in saltwater. Saltwater can cause damage to fiberglass, so it might be easier to simply use the kayak in freshwater. On the other hand, boats made of plastic are designed to be used in both salt water and fresh water. This means that you will be able to use the kayak in a variety of different locations.

Another thing to consider when thinking about Lifetime vs Pelican kayaks is that Pelican makes lighter kayaks than Lifetime. This might be important if you are planning on using the kayak for long distances. For example, if you plan on going out in your kayak for a few hours at a time, it might be easier to have a kayak that is easier to carry.

Lifetime uses a variety of different materials when making its kayaks. This includes plastic, aluminum, and fiberglass. When you are choosing your kayaks, it is important to think about the different pros and cons of each material.

You might find that you prefer one material over the other, but this might be because of personal preference.

When you are shopping for kayaks, it is important that you think about the different features that are available on each kayak. For example, Pelican kayaks often come with swivel seats. This is often more comfortable than a kayak that does not have swivel seats. However, this makes it harder to control the kayak. If you are looking for a more stable kayak, then you might want to avoid Pelican kayaks that have swivel seats.

You need to think about the different features that come on each kayak and decide which ones you would rather have. This can help you to narrow down your list of kayaks.

Lifetime Kayak Price

Lifetime kayaks are more affordable than Pelican kayaks because they lack the durability and ruggedness that Pelican kayaks boast. All models of Lifetime Kayaks are designed for recreational use, meaning they aren’t built to endure rough waters. Lifetime kayaks come at a range of price points, from very low to high in cost.

Pelican Kayak Price

Pelican kayaks are more expensive than Lifetime kayaks, but this price difference mostly just comes down to the added durability that Pelican kayaks offer. All Pelican kayaks are designed for rough waters, and this is what makes them more expensive than comparable models of Lifetime kayaks. Pelican Kayaks come at a range of price points, similar to Lifetime kayaks.

Closing Statement

Pelican kayaks are more expensive than Lifetime kayaks, but they’re made to last longer. Their rugged designs are more functional than Lifetime kayaks, so Pelican kayaks are good choices for people who want to use their kayaks for rough waters. The price difference is usually due to added features that make Pelican kayaks useful in various situations. For people who only plan on using their kayaks in calm waters, Lifetime kayaks are preferable. They’re cheaper and often include features that make them comfortable to use, such as handles built into the sides of the kayak.

You must know the key features and differences between lifetime vs pelican kayak before buying one. Both these brands offer high-quality products with guaranteed service for longer periods of time, but there is no better choice than trying them both out to see which works best in your opinion!

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