How to Paddle Your Kayak in Waves ?

Kayak in Waves

Last updated on September 2, 2022

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Kayaking is an amusing game. However, it is famous all over the world. But it is not played in every country. On the other hand, it is one of the risky games worldwide. You have to face lots of risky sides while playing this game.

Moreover, most people are interested in playing this game. But you must have played this in the sea or river. During kayaking on the sea or river, you will face strong winds and waves. It will hamper your ride and also paddling.

So, most people are curious to know how to paddle your kayak in waves. Because kayak in waves is not an easy task. Thus, I will discuss everything about this through the article. So, let’s start our journey:

Precaution before Start Paddling in Winds and Waves

So, wind and waves play an essential role in kayaking. But before you paddle your kayak, you must know some precautions.

However, since the primary source of the wave is the wind, you should know about the wave. Otherwise, you cannot make your trip properly. So, let’s get started:

1. Practice Paddling into the wind

Before going kayaking in the waves, you need to practice. Because kayak in waves is a challenging task. So, if you are not practicing properly, you cannot paddle it properly. However, you can practice it in a small river at first. Or go to sea with an expert.

2. Practice Paddling into the Wind at your Back

Sometimes your starting and ending points are not the same. Most of the time, it would be different. However, plan your trip so that you can paddle with the wind in the back. Paddle at the wind back is very tricky work. You need tough practice to control your kayak in this situation.

3. Know Wind and Wave Situation in your Location

Whenever and wherever you go kayaking, you must know the location. You also need to know the wind and wave situation in your location. Because wind and wave conditions are not the same in all locations. It will be different where you will paddle kayak. If you know the condition properly, then you can prepare to deal with the wind.

4. Know about Surf Zone and Open Water Waves

As you know, waves are made through winds. Then you must know the surf zone and open water waves are not the same. However, both are different from others. But in both situations, you must be paddling accordingly. But try to remove the situation.

5. Take Safety Instruments

Before starting your trip, you must take a safe instrument. Because you will go to the sea for kayaking. It is very dangerous to kayak in waves. So, please take some instruments safely. Because if you get into an awkward situation, then you can deal with this.

What are the Best Kayaks to Paddle in Waves?

There are lots of kayaks that you will find easily in the market. But all the kayaks are not effective for a paddle in waves. Because all kayaks do not have control opportunities in this situation.

So, you must make the perfect one. Here I will tell you some best kayaks that you can easily paddle in waves:

1. Sit on Top Kayak

Sit on top kayak is one of the best kayaks to paddle in waves. However, this type of kayak is made for wave kayaking purposes. When you face long waves, you can stand up in sit on top kayak. You can also use this like a surfboard.

2. Whitewater Kayak

Whitewater kayak is a very popular kayak in the kayak industry. This is different from others. However, whitewater kayaks are made for all types of kayaking. Besides, you can also kayak in the windy and wave situation. Because it can easily control the situation and make it.

3. Touring Kayak

Touring kayaks are made for tourist people only. However, most people go kayaking during vacation and when they go on a tour. Thus, touring kayaks are made for this purpose. Everyone can easily control this. So, touring kayaks are very good for recreational kayakers. You can also easily use this in the waves and windy situations.

4. Sea Kayaks

Sea kayaks are made for those people who want to kayak in the sea. Other kayaks are also made for those who are kayaking in the sea. But sea kayaks are mainly made for a sea adventure. On the other hand, waves and wind are mainly held in the sea. So, for this purpose, the sea kayaks will be best for you.

5. Inflatable Kayak

Inflatable kayaks are another best kayak for kayaking in waves. Because when you go kayaking in the sea, you must face waves. So, there is a high chance to flatten in the sea. It will be dangerous for your life. An inflatable kayak can also protect you from this situation.

How to Enter your Kayak While in Waves

Waves can be created with the wind. That’s why it can be created anytime and anyplace. As you know, waves can cause some difficulties in your kayaking trip. Because it cannot stumble without prior ideas. But you must enter your kayak while in waves. So, it is not very difficult to enter, but it is technical.

Moreover, if you operate in the sit-on-top kayak, then it will be helpful for you. Because this is the most effective point for you. Therefore, you can directly turn over your boat from the waves.

Now come up the water between your knee and waist. There is one thing that you remember. The waves come full of sets. So, you must enter quickly before water comes around you.

Most people operate by sitting in a kayak. Sitting on a kayak is very useful. However, sitting in a kayak will work more in the surf zone.

However, you must enter your kayak when the water edges half in and half. Now sit down in the kayak. So, sitting in the top kayak and sitting on the top is very useful and essential. You need to know the situation first.

How to Paddle Your Kayak in Waves

As you know, paddle your kayak in waves is very difficult. Because waving time control is very challenging. If you control yourself and your kayak smoothly, you will succeed.

Otherwise, you will face many problems. Nobody wants to face the problems, right? That’s why everyone wants to paddle a kayak in waves safely.

However, you have to know the two different things. One thing is paddle kayaking through waves to open sea. And also need to know how to paddle your kayak through waves back to shore. First, you have to know how to paddle your kayak in waves. So, let’s get started:

Paddle your Kayak through Waves to Open Sea

Here you will know the process of paddle your kayak through waves to the open sea. This is very important for you. Because you need to know the whole process for controlling your kayak in waves. So, let’s know the process:

Face the waves head-on

Most people want to stay on top of the kayak during the wave. Therefore, you have to keep the kayak long towards the wave. However, this direction will help you to maintain balance through waves. Your kayak also will be more stable from bow to steam than its side. This is beneficial for paddling.

Paddle your Kayak through Waves with Force and Velocity

This is another effective process. However, in this process, you have to depend on your force and velocity. Besides, if you want to kayak in a surf zone, you must do it with force. Then you can easily pass the wave. If you want to paddle correctly, then you must need your force and velocity.

Reach Beyond the Crest of the Wave

It is another crucial factor for paddling in the wave. It will be better if you can reach beyond the wave’s crest and keep paddling in the water. In this process, you must be consistent with your rhythm to reach your destiny. There are also essential to control yourself and your kayak.

Paddle your Kayak through Waves Back to Shore

Crossing the wave through paddling the kayak is not just enough. However, you also need to know how to paddle your kayak through waves back to shore. Because you must go back to the shore, you started from.

So, you have a challenge until you get back to shore. Here, I will tell you the process of back to shore through paddle kayaking. So let’s get started:

1. Don’t finish at a surf beach

If you are at the end of the trip in kayaking time, then not to finish your run on a surf beach. Because if waves come, it will hamper you from coming back to the shore. Sometimes you will face the wave. When you face it, don’t be tense. Try to find calm water. Because it gives you the smooth opportunity to land from the water. So, don’t finish at a surf beach. It will be dangerous.

2. Keep Control of Yourself and Kayak

Maintaining control of your kayak is very important when you go back to shore. But if you want to come back shore through a surf zone, it is essential to control your kayak. Because force and velocity do not work all time. Then the wave will push you back to the shore. At that moment, you need to control yourself first. Then also control the kayak. Otherwise, you will lose your way.

3. Not accelerate the speed of kayak when face wave

Most people make this mistake. Even many professionals also make this mistake when facing a wave. Because in wave time, some people are disoriented. And they are trying to accelerate the kayak to go back shore very quickly. But this is not the real way. If you speed up your kayak, then there is a high possibility of losing your side. Also, possible drowning in the water.

4. Exiting a sit on top kayak

Most people ride a sit-on-top kayak. So, in that process, find a lull in the sets of waves. And exit your boat where your knee is situated. Now walk back, kayak, and go to shore. Moreover, it will give you the benefit to control when the water is shallow.

5. Exiting a Sit in Kayak

It would be better if you exited sitting in a kayak with the backs of more giant waves. You need to be technical when the water is shallower. Because at that moment, your kayak paddle starts a jamming rock and sand. So, try your level best. Because it is challenging to get back to shore under challenging situations. So, try to be more technical and control yourself and your kayak.


1. Is it safe to paddle your kayak in waves?

Yes, it is safe to paddle your kayak in waves. There is a lot of challenges that you will face in waves. But it is not a very challenging issue.

2. Is it necessary to training before going kayaking in waves?

Before going kayaking in sea waves, you just need to do training. Without training, this is very dangerous to do kayaking. Because control wave is not an easy task.

3. Are all kayaks effective for kayaking in waves?

No, all the kayaks are not made for kayaking in waves. Because you need to take those that are made for this purpose. You can take whitewater kayaks, sea kayaks, etc.

Ending Thought

So, I will try to clear all your confusion. Most people get confused about this topic. Here I give you detailed information about How to Paddle Your Kayak in Waves. And also give you information about paddle your kayak through waves back to shore.

Moreover, you need to be more technical and more trained before you start kayaking. Without proper training, you cannot control yourself and your kayak in waves. So, try more skilled at paddle kayak in waves.

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