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Best pans for cooking fish

Last updated on August 21, 2022

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At lunch, we all want some delicious fish served warm at our meal. When our mom prepares the fish, we all can relate to that sound when she puts the fish in the hot pan and the aroma when it’s getting cooked.

To cook the fish, you may get in trouble for flipping it without breaking it. To cook a perfect fish dish, you’ll need the proper tool, I mean the perfect pan that will give a perfect flip, cook your fish evenly and keep the taste of the fresh fish.

There are hundreds of skillets and pans available in the market for cooking the fish. To know which one is the best, you need to take care of some essential things about the pans like size, material, weight, handle and lids, etc.

Does it look like a lot of homework? Don’t worry, keep reading, I will give you the idea of the best pans for cooking fish so that you can make a proper meal every time.

6 Best Pans For Cooking Fish 

You must need a frying pan to cook your fish and hold on to that delicious taste. You may want to sear, pan fry, make a simple curry and try lots of recipes with fish. And to choose the right pan, I am reviewing the 6 best pans for cooking fish. 

T-fal Dishwasher Safe Cookware Fry Pan with Lid Hard Anodized Titanium Nonstick, 12-Inch, Black

In this time, when the price of cooking oil is really high, this T-Fal nonstick fry pan can save you. Your fish won’t break or stick in the pans anymore, and it won’t require extra oil.

The nonstick surface will give you a smooth flip of your fish so that you can flex your cooking skill a bit.

If scratching and scrubbing off the waste stuck every time after cooking your meal is getting on your nerves lately, then this T-Fal is your life savior. Its innovative titanium reinforced nonstick interior will make your cooking game easy as kids play.

This pan has its very own Thermostat indicator, which will let you know when your pan is heated, and you’ll know when to start.

This 12 inch T-Fal fry pan weighs only 4.4 pounds with 13.45 x 20.63x 10.53 inches dimensions.

The riveted silicone handle will give you comfort, and it is safe for microwave heat up to 400 degrees. The tempered glass vented lid is transparent, and you can see what’s going inside while cooking.

This T-Fal frying pan has a unique hard anodized construction which is reliable, and you can even go rough with it without worrying. It is very much durable.

T-fal Dishwasher Safe Cookware Fry Pan with Lid Hard Anodized Titanium Nonstick, 12-Inch, Black
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • Active Thermo spot indicator technology.
  • Hard anodized aluminum body.
  • Good heat distribution.
  • Toxin free nonstick cookware.
  • Not suitable for induction cooker.

Scanpan Classic 14.25 Inch Fry Pan

If you want to level up your cooking game with a slight touch of professional gear, this Scanpan classic frying pan would be your favorite. This pan's thick base will remove your worry about warping, peeling, blistering or cracking.

You may want to sear, braise, and deglaze your fish, covering them with a bit of oil.

It is safe for stoves and microwaves up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The textured surface of this fry pan can be easily used for commercial purposes.

The Stratanium+ surface is all safe for dishwashers, and you can also use metal utensils in this fry pan, so now you can guess the durability of this Scanpan classic fry pan.

The nonstick coating used for this pan is ten times harder than stainless steel and scratch-resistant. It will give you the joy of flipping your fish like a pro without messing its shape.

The rugged cast aluminum is so durable that it can take 200 tons of pressure. It's made of that kind of aluminum.

This 14.25 inch pan weighs 4.5 pounds only, 3 x 15 x 22 inches dimension is perfect for medium to big sized fish.

Scanpan Classic 14.25 Inch Fry Pan
  • PFOA free coating, which is healthy.
  • Dishwasher and metal utensil safe.
  • Patented spring lock handle.
  • Durable.
  • Easy to wash.
  • A bit expensive.
  • It is not induction safe.

Cuisinart 622-24 Chef's Classic 10-Inch Nonstick-Hard-Anodized, Open Skillet

The sloped side and wide flat bottom of this Cuisinart Chef’s classic nonstick fry pan are all you need for your favorite dish. The design is so chique you’ll love this at the very first sight.

It will give the fish an easy sear and won’t dry out inside, it will hold the moisture and taste.

The solid stainless riveted handle gives you a handy grip, it will remain cool while it's in the stove though it is made of steel.

The exterior body is highly durable, made of hard anodized which is harder than any steel. The exterior is rugged, dense and highly resistant so if you go rough with it it would give the best and is suitable for professional use also.

This 10 inch round shape pan looks like a luxury for sure, it is 17.5x10.2x1.9 inches in dimension and weighs only one pound.

If you hate a messy kitchen, this Cuisinart Chef's Classic Nonstick pan will be your best buddy because the rim of the pan is tempered for drip-free pouring.

The quantanium non stick layer is titanium surface covered so you’ll have a great use of it.

Cuisinart 622-24 Chef's Classic 10-Inch Nonstick-Hard-Anodized, Open Skillet
  • Great performance.
  • Versatile design.
  • Proper heat distribution, and heats up quite fast.
  • Long handle.
  • Top-notch quality.
  • Not induction safe.

Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan, Square, Black, 10.5 Inch

If you want an all-in-one pan that would do the sear, saute, bake, broil, braise and fry, then this Lodge Cast Iron pan is one of the best choices.

It is suitable for all kinds of stoves, microwaves and even inductions. The versatile design will make you want it, and the square shape cast iron will save your back for any type of cooking process for your fish. 

This cast iron pan is your perfect tool if you love throwing an outdoor bar-b-q party.

This cast iron Lodge grill pan is 10.5 inches with  17.4 x 10.5 x 2.6 inches dimensions. If you think a cast iron pan would be so heavy, don’t worry; it weighs barely 6.6 pounds.

You may think a cast iron pan is a bit high maintenance, but this Lodge cast iron pan is easy to clean. All you need is a mild soap, and you need to dry it very well as soon as you rinse it.

One must be mentioned that a cast iron pan is so durable that you can use it over generations.

Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan, Square, Black, 10.5 Inch
  • A must-have for your kitchen gadget collection.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Perfect for all kinds of stoves, even induction.
  • Grill rib designs will give your grilled fish a good look.
  • Heats faster and distributes evenly.
  • The washing and storing process might feel hassle for you.
  • The handle gets hot.

Tramontina Professional Fry Pans (12-inch)

If you are wondering about giving your inner chef a good prize with a frying pan, then this Tramotina Professional Non-stick Frying Fish Pan is the best choice. It is one of the best pans for cooking fish.

It is a professional level cooking pan as most of the high-end restaurant chefs use this pan.

The exterior and body is made of heavy-gauge commercial grade 3004 aluminium which is NSF certified, so you can guess the quality yourself.

PFOA-free nonstick coating will give you excellent performance. And of course, it is dishwasher safe. Works on every stove and oven safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

A removable vibrant silicone handle grip is attached to the stainless steel handle so it won’t get warm on the stove.

This 12 inch Tramontina nonstick pan is 2.77 pounds, and the dimension is 20.8 x 13.8 x 3.8 Inches. The handle is protected with three solid rivets, which give additional support.

The Tramotina professional nonstick frying pan is durable, and you can go rough without thinking of making it scratch. It is scratch and stainproof. If the colour gets a bit oxidised, don’t worry. It is pretty normal, and the performance will stay evergreen.

Tramontina Professional Fry Pans (12-inch)
  • Versatile design.
  • Professional performance.
  • Removable silicone grip.
  • PFOA free nonstick.
  • Usable on every stove.
  • A bit expensive

All-Clad D3 Stainless Cookware, 12-Inch Fry Pan with Lid, Tri-Ply Stainless Steel, Professional Grade, Silver, Model: 41126

If you are looking for a flat base pan for an easy flip and toss, then this All-Clad 3-ply stainless steel frying pan is all you want.

A flat base stainless steel pan is staple cookware in all kitchens. This pan is made of aluminum core combined with stainless steel, which makes it durable and long-lasting for one lifetime.

This beauty with strength is suitable for all kinds of cooking surfaces and stoves, even inductions, and up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, safe for oven heat.

The 12 inch All-clad 3-ply stainless steel pan weighs only 3.5 pounds with a 4 quarts cooking capacity of 24 x 13 x 6 inches.

The handle is riveted stainless steel, and it comes with a stainless steel lid which will keep your fish moist and hold the flavor.

The cooking surface is polished that it shines so brightly, and the starburst finish will help you get an easy flip, toss, sear and sauté; the food won’t get stuck on the surface. Especially if you want to fry any fish or vegetable, it is the perfect tool.

It is dishwasher safe and easy to clean if you want to hand wash it.

Lastly, it might cost you a bomb, but this pan is worth every penny.

All-Clad D3 Stainless Cookware, 12-Inch Fry Pan with Lid, Tri-Ply Stainless Steel, Professional Grade, Silver, Model: 41126
  • Versatile design.
  • A lifetime durable cookware.
  • Induction safe.
  • Performs like a pro.
  • It comes with a matching stainless steel lid.
  • Expensive.

The Ultimate Buying Guide Of Pans For Cooking Fish

A beginner or a professional must think twice about buying a kitchen tool that will be worth the money and enjoy while cooking.

So, if you are thinking of buying a pan for cooking fish, here are some essential points you should consider-


Firstly, you should know what size pan you need. To fry a whole fish or try other dishes, you should go for a medium to large size that will cover your whole fish and other dishes.


Material is another essential part to consider. There are a lot of varieties in this section like nonstick, stainless steel, cast iron etc. Each one has its different significance. So you can study about them and choose one for yourself.


No matter what material it is, a frying pan should not be that heavy, so you can’t move it properly. Choose a lighter one so you can flex some cooking skills like flip, toss etc.

Handle and lid

The handle plays a vital role in a frying pan as you operate it through this. The handle should be riveted and give vital support. For stainless steel and cast iron handle, you can buy a silicone handle grip.

The lid should be easily adjustable and hold the moisture inside.

Dishwasher safe and ovenproof

Always ensure your pan is dishwasher safe so you can wash it easily. And the pan should be ovenproof so you can try different dishes with it.

Frequently asked Questions

There are tons of varieties of pans in the market already. So, if you want to choose one for yourself, then it is so natural that you might be confused. And you might have a lot of questions. Let’s see some common questions regarding the best pans for cooking fish.

Should I get a separate pan for frying fish?

Frying fish ideally is not as easy as it shows. There is a chance of breaking the shape and losing the taste. So you need to have a proper tool to cook your fish. You can choose one from the above as I reviewed them with every possible detail.

Are cast iron pans too heavy?

You might think cast iron pans are too heavy as iron is a heavy metal. But cast iron pans are not as heavy as you imagine. Basically, it weighs around 5.5 to 6 pounds which is an average weight for a cast iron pan.

Are cast iron pans high maintenance?

No, cast iron pans are not that high maintenance; you can use it roughly. All you need to look after is the washing process. You should use a mild soap and never leave it wet in the air; it might get rust. Always dry this thoroughly as soon as you wash it with water.

Is a nonstick fry pan dishwasher safe?

Almost every good quality fry pan is dishwasher safe. You might be worried about putting your nonstick pan in the dishwasher, thinking it might lose its nonstick layer.

But don’t worry, an excellent hard anodised surface is as strong as steel. So the dishwasher won’t hurt the nonstick layer. But you should at least check the instruction given in the box.

 What kind of utensils should I use for a nonstick pan?

Generally, metal utensils are not encouraged to use in a nonstick pan as they might not go well with the nonstick layer. You should use a rubber or wooden spatula with your nonstick cookware. But some nonstick pans do not restrict the metal utensils, and you should check the instructions before buying.

What kind of pan should I use for grilling a fish?

There are a lot of pans in the market to grill fish. Choose a nonstick or cast iron square pan for your grill fish.

Are frying pans worth buying?

Yes, fry pans are very much worth buying. It saves your time and heats faster and evenly. And it is dishwasher and oven safe. And very easy to clean.

Does a frying pan save oils?

The nonstick coating of a frying pan does not absorb much oil. So, they claim that a frying pan saves more oil than a regular pan.

Wrap up

You can’t find an average kitchen without a frying pan wherever you go, no matter how it looks or the quality. A frying pan is an essential kitchen tool in every household or any restaurant.

To cook a fish, you must need a frying pan as fishes are delicate and the cooking process is different. So, you must need the best pan for an easy flip, toss, saute, sear etc., without breaking the fish shape or making any mess.

That’s why you are here, reading this article about the Best pans for cooking fish. I hope it helped you to find one.

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